Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Inner Mind is Your Living Mind in Awareness


You said outer thinking takes repeated words for true. How can you reverse that effect? Well, you can’t undo the repetition effect, but you can do something. So I will wrap up with the big picture model.

Avoid people that are abusive, and seek out people that are emotionally supportive? That is good advice, but you can do even more. Multiple strategies always helps.

Your inner mind is your living mind. It has all the gifts that nature needed you to have, not only to survive but even to prosper. Your inner awareness serves you loyally. If it had its way, you would be happy, healthy and satisfied throughout your entire life.

It’s good to realise I’m not formed by the outer mind. You are not formed by the outer mind, only burdened by it, but you can be empowered by it. The outer mind is very obedient. It obeys any source of information it’s in contact with, but the outer mind is not all encompassing. It can only really consider a single thing at a time.

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I find those programmed truths bother me now and give me fear – stop me from what I should be doing. So I should reprogram it? In a sense, yes. If you turn the focus of the outer mind toward the inner awareness, then it will primarily focus on the messages of the inner mind. It will still detect outer information, because all the information of the senses is first present in the inner mind. But any thinking that doesn’t have to do with your life, or your immediate and genuine reality, will be weaker, less dominant of your attention. You needn’t hunt things in your outer mind. All those animals come to drink from your life energy when the route is opened. The mind actually wants to drop any energy wasting activity.

So introverted people are healthier? No. Introverted people have introverted thinking which isn’t any more or less healthy than extroverted thinking. It’s just a body of judgements placing mentality over physicality. What I am describing allows unity.

May I be a bit adult here? I will mean no offense. How many of you when having sex actually have sex, or does it just make your thinking mind run in circles until release makes you unable to think at all? And all this muddled up with any list of neurotic emotions?

I think it depends on the mood of the sex. Indeed it does, in a way, but are there actually different moods or differing degrees of passion? What makes it bad? Isn’t it bad when it’s weak, watered down experience?

You are present to any experience to the degree you are centered in the inner awareness. Inner awareness is ultimate center.

You are present even if you are disengaged. Your flesh is present. Any forgettable experience is for all intents and purposes the same as an experience not had.

I think an experience can be perceived as bad if it didn’t meet your expectations. It gets perceived that way, and when one thing is perceived that way, it snow balls. Your thinking cuts you off from your inner mind, and you can’t tell good from bad experience. It’s all dull, and grey, and unsatisfying.

Like people that sit through an entire movie and then complain about it. Exactly. But if it lets your mind rest for a couple hours so you don’t think about your problems, then it has done its job? Your mind needs more than rest, it needs life, energy, the mental dynamism that ultimately dictates what we do in the long run.

But you can control how much of life it lets you be aware of? You can and do. You are indeed meant to be a thinking person. You’re just supposed to start with your own best foot forward. Stand on your own mental feet and not someone else’s. Think, but let the direction of your thoughts come from your inner awareness. Think with feeling.

I hope this topic held something of value for your friends. I am grateful you could join me.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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