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The world is not a machine, You can’t fix it. You can only scar it or let it heal and grow.

Your Inner Life Is Your Outer Life in Second Life

I expect being more in touch with our dream world will make us healthier people in general? Yes, it will. Also managing impulse rather than sublimating it. Resisting impulse sends a cascading message of “don’t do that” to every part of your body. The various parts not having the ability to distinguish between artefacts of thought and sensory data.

So thinking “Don’t eat that cookie” translates to the hearts consciousness as don’t beat, and to the brains consciousness as don’t notice. Eventually the chronic suggestion of “thou shalt not” will end your life. But, with embracing the full life you can allow impulse to be present to your waking mind, even expressed in your dreaming mind, but choose different manifestations of the desire as are appropriate to your flesh and blood survival and well being.

What do you say in place of no, no, no, if you’re trying to eat healthy and you crave donuts? Good question. It isn’t as simple as reversing that. The self doesn’t distinguish between forms of actualization. It doesn’t care what kind of yes you give it, as long as it’s a yes. Like say you have the impulse to eat. The brain considers drinking water to still be a yes. You still put things in your belly. Another yes related to donuts is sweet smells. So going for a walk where you can smell flowers. Another yes related to donuts is bright colors. So painting, or drawing, or wearing bright colors you might not usually wear would all be yeses. The mind doesn’t know one yes from another, and it’s you who created the donut only fixation. Your mind just wants the stimulation, but you build up a notion of I must have this and only this. The truth is everything satisfies the mind. This is why people can become masochistic when they live an otherwise highly restricted life. They seek to create the range of experience that their total inner being needs. Blows to the eyes create pretty colors. Bruises create a vivid spike of pain with a comforting numbness afterward. Cuts stimulate a variety of nerves that wouldn’t normally send you tactile input.

I guess when you crave something then it is not really to satisfy hunger. Is that right? It is, and it isn’t. The basic physical instincts were originally there, but we encrust them with a bunch or delusional overlay. So we can’t act on the primary drives with any clarity, usually.

The mind, or if not mind then spirit, seeks to break free of limitation. Exactly. Because the limits are artificial… a lie anyway.

Now people mistake this insight for saying what it does not. Just as we need that freedom to act on our inner lives, we also have an inner order that proceeds our normal thinking. This is why the mother relationship is seen as divine in so many cultures. Empathy and nurturing and compassion are also of the inner self. We know that we should not torment others. We know that killing unless in mortal threat is wrong. This is why soldiers lose much of their mental strength though they don’t necessarily lose their mind entirely. They are forced to ignore the most primal instinct that says, “Oil? That has nothing to do with my survival. I don’t want to die for that.”

Or people in even more mundane jobs. Our livelihood has become too abstracted with money, so our second life can’t make the life affirming connection. Yes, indeed. Or rather not in deed, and that’s the problem.

Your inner life is your outer life. Your second life is your first life. Your fantasies are your reality.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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