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Second Self in Second Life

The concept of a second life did not have its origin in internet culture. Many cultures across the world had views that spoke of not one world, but two, which we live in equally. In fact, we live in one of the worlds for at least one third of our entire life, if not a bit more.

In the modern era, we have made of education and realism an idol. This strikes me as funny that it takes a fringe technological project to resurrect an ancient notion, and also amusing that they are surprised at its sociological impact. The ancient cultures of the world recognized not one self, but two, and as mysterious as the second self seemed, they saw it as no less real than their flesh and blood.

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Though there are, in a sense, more than two brains, there seem to be only two balanced functions. We have the obvious self, that body of experience that has the signature of our flesh and blood experiences and senses on it, and we have what they call a subconscious self, that seems to have its own rhyme and reason to it though it imperfectly mirrors the conscious self.

The subconscious self in most of these second life cultures was the seat of personal power. They believed that it primarily was the recipient of the wisdom of the Gods and spirits, and that the events that happened to the second self were not only a reflection of your intentions and possible future, but the seat of your true gifts and strengths. Here in this virtual reality we are consciously doing what our subconscious tries to get us to do. We embrace to a greater degree the reality of both of our minds.

A lot of people do discover a gift here in the virtual world of Second Life that they apply in real life, such as writing or designing. This is true. Some few have businesses in Second Life that are sufficient to meet their real life needs.

It isn’t so scary failing here as it is failing in the first life perhaps. I never understood why, but it just is. That was why I chose this topic for tonight. That fear of failure is false. A fabrication of an elaborate set of delusions and self judgements. Ever notice that those you know in Second Life behave in some ways at least more like dream characters than flesh and blood people? Their behaviour seems to take on a disinhibited dramatic quality. Some find a greater lucidity here than they do in the flesh. As many autistics who are in Second Life report, you wouldn’t know them for autistic here unless you were paying close attention.

Some when faced with the actualization of wish fulfillment in Second Life, instead become very reserved. The changed nature of the social venue makes these people more nervous, more cerebral and dry in interaction. But perhaps it’s hard to establish common ground on this topic. People often have strong reasons why they don’t recall their dreams.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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