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I will offer that there is no mystery in human behavior, just the schism between light and darkness that we create. All behavior arises from the same life force whether we judge the outcome as good or bad.

Of Two Minds in Awareness


We all have a bit of a problem on our hands don’t we? Seems like we are of two minds about most things, does it not?

Ego and inner self? Yes, indeed.

Frivolous and serious? Not frivolous. Those words are judgements.

How do we determine importance? Importance is arrived at by the outer awareness. That is the function of that part of the mind, to asses and organize our external experience.

Importance is judged by experience? Actually, it’s judged by analysis, or haven’t you ignored your experience before?

Analysing your experience? No, analyzing information, judging what we believe is going on around us. How much does that part of the mind respond to our actual person? How do we ever exclude ourselves from our thinking?

Smoke pot. People seek to self-medicate because of the pain that stems from the contradiction of the outer or thinking awareness with the inner awareness. They use intoxicants to force themselves to dream, because they have trained their thinking mind to avoid dreaming at all costs.

What can you enjoy beyond your ability to know joy?

Give joy. Can you give what you cannot experience? Does our thinking let us know joy? Our dreams seem weird, intense and vivid, dramatic and over blown, do they not? This varies from night to night based on how burned out we got that day. Our inner mind screams for a return to the core balance of bodily health. It seeks the satisfaction of safety, food, sex, novelty. It tries to assure that we have any and all of this as effectively as possible. It even attempts to find ways around problems we encounter in our “real world experience”. Is this not your experience?

It tries to help us survive. Yes. Under no circumstances does it compromise this. How about our outer world thinking? Is it this life centered?

Do your feelings betray you really? Yet, it seems like they do sometimes, doesn’t it? They betray you if you think about them rather than experience them.

Remember what I said the outer mind is for? It’s function? It analyzes by switching things on and off. That is all it is capable of, even neurologically. All its functions are secondary. Its information is all fed to it by other parts of the mind.

It’s the filter to our core awareness. Yes. Now we need this filter. How would we function if we tried to respond to everything?

Does your thinking mind ever find anything unthinkable? The thinking mind gets trained, and in most people this training is passive. Repeated ideas are remembered and continue to be repeated. As far as the thinking mind goes, repetition means reality. It’s the only measure of reality it has. If it persists, the thinking mind believes it is real. The momentary image of a rock will be dismissed as imaginary. The persistent image of a rock will be believed to be a rock.

Now your inner mind doesn’t have the ability to handle big picture examination. It knows its own state and its own needs. All it knows is the immediate reality of what it senses and feels. Sensation and feeling are the same thing. Feeling is a sense, emotion is not a sense. Feelings trigger emotions at that point where the inner mind and the outer mind interface, and we believe the emotions are adequate evaluations of what we have experienced. But the thinking or outer mind doesn’t know a photo of a rock from the rock it’s standing on. So what could the consequences of this be? We get emotions whenever we see commercials, when we hear news stories, when people describe us in any way at all, but is any of this direct experience?

It’s the inner mind that differentiates objects? It is the inner mind that knows a rock from a loaf of bread, yes.

You feel ice under your feet and your emotions tell you to be careful. Your emotions can tell you to be too careful, and because of your fear of slipping you slip and fall faster.

Now why is it that our thinking argues or doesn’t match our inner minds self-awareness? When your intention and your imagination disagree, the imagination always wins, and people inspire our imaginations.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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