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Mindlessness isn’t tantric, aimlessness isn’t tantric, but pain and pleasure, bliss and void, these are tantric.

Purpose from the Inner Mind in Awareness


How can we have health? Can someone else give it to us?

Doctors can treat us. They can help our health, but only our inner state actually results in health or disease. In fact, what works as a medical assist for one person may threaten another person’s life, but the personal state principle holds true for everyone.

People can’t give us health, but they can take it away. Their statements and behavior affect us no matter what we tell ourselves we know about things. Thinking is a communicable disease. What is the cure? Not thinking? Has anyone succeeded in not thinking yet?

Use it or lose it? Actually, use it or be used by it, and there is only one way to use it. Our purposes come from the inner mind.

They say that you can exercise your brain. You can and people do. They give themselves serious cognitive cramps, cut off the flow of energy to vital things like their heart and stomach. It can activate latent schizophrenia. This has held out in twin studies. It generates an epigenetic influence.

Word games can do that? No words games don’t, excessive mental effort does.

I find that to have a clear mind, I need to keep my body healthy as well. Yes, and your dreaming mind is very concerned with bodily health, even warns you about possible stress induced illness which was brought on by your thinking habits.

Too much fibre makes your stomach cramp. Too much thinking gives your mind cramps. Exactly. So if something in your dream has urgency to it, then it could be telling you something is up with your health. Does your thinking mind show this wisdom? Can you figure out you are not well before your inner mind tells you so?

I’m not sure, I tend to procrastinate. Your inner mind doesn’t. The loops that lead to delayed action are all in thinking, habits of thinking that we mistake for direct experience. It has very important things to do, none of which have anything to do with being alive and healthy or feeling good or happy, at least the way it’s been trained in today’s society.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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