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Goals for Awareness in Awareness


As humans, we seem to continually strive to make our situations better and our awareness more complete. How do we come to the conclusion that our awareness is incomplete?

We take ownership for our life. Those who don’t, don’t seem interested in developing their self but just keep hitting their head on a brick wall, as they say.

Fools think they know everything. Wise people realize what they don’t know.

It seems we need then to find goals for our development of awareness. Where do we find these goals? How do we establish them?

In other people?

For me, I guess it goes back to what you identified as what I value. When I feel more centered, I feel I’ve made progress.

The more I learn, I feel I have made progress.

Taking how we understand our self-development goals, where has that gotten us as a species?

I’m not sure it’s leading us.

We are more aware now, than any time in history, of social issues, technology, and equality. I will agree that we are more knowledgeable. Is that awareness? Does it not seem that the most knowledgeable people are also the most automatic and mechanical?

Sometimes. What leads to the exceptions to that?

Level of awareness? If our awareness is shaped by others, how well do we understand others as a rule?

Depends on how much you pay attention to them, study them. I find some of the most misunderstanding people are psychologists and psychiatrists. Is this unfair to say of those professionals of the mind?

True. They’re too busy putting you into their book of knowledge to pay attention. Their knowledge is based on false assumptions. Perhaps awareness is lack of assumptions? Getting warmer I think, but I think we have further to go.

We have one system that pretends to adequately guide and inform us, society, education, organized religion, scientism, and if it was doing what it claims to do then how should we be doing right now?

Wonderful. Yes? Are we doing wonderfully? If not, why not?

When I took psychology in school, I thought the class was a joke. Why was that? It seemed like they were giving names to things that were just intuitive, and in doing so twisting the meaning. Making a mechanism of a miracle, rhetorically speaking?

And everything normal becomes a disorder to be corrected instead of understood. Yes. There is even a doctor pushing for classifying joy as a mental disorder. It is supposedly an abnormal state of the brain, and it can be connected to dysfunctional behavior.

So where can we find good examples of awareness development? How can we set a goal?

I’m reminded of Buddhists asking, “What are you doing here?” They’re asking the question of why you’re bothering to listen to Buddhist talks and saying you need a goal. Know what you’re trying to do. It’s an excellent question. This is why I started asking questions about the weather earlier. What you think things are, how you judge conditions to be, that has nothing really to do with external reality and everything to do with your internal state.

At the time, I did think it curious that you were asking about the weather. I was getting a feel for how to advance in today’s topic. If you say the weather is bad, what you are actually saying is that the weather is bad, for you, or that the weather is in a condition that you were taught to judge as bad. So where does this insight lead us?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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