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What are you putting your attention on? That’s your intent.

Free from Nothing in Awareness


What do people really want in life?

Pleasure. Freedom or so they claim. Balance. Security. Health.

Freedom for what? Security in what? Health and balance in what?

More like “from what”. Ah yes, that is how people think, freedom from things. This is perhaps one of the first broken switches, stuck gates. We live in a world where you can be free from nothing.

What can you ever assure yourself you will never experience?

All experience is possible ultimately. But if you can identify what you want freedom for, there is a very real chance you can find that.

What is it people want to secure? What is security?

Absence of fear. Ah, and yet we have to account for more things than our mind can naturally handle at any given moment, don’t we? I don’t know about you, but I can hardly keep up with all the supposedly important news and issues that are oh so important.

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I’ve read that what we fear has no relationship to actual threat. People fear flying yet readily get in their car even though driving your car is one of the most dangerous thinks you can do. Good point.

Feeling confident in your decisions is security. Confidence in your decision making is security? Can you be said to make any decisions when your views are all dictated by an artificial system? An abstract idea?

People want balance, yes? If so, what is it they seek to keep the balance of?

Emotion? Ah, attempting to balance emotion adds the stress of struggling with emotion on top of all the other things we struggle with.

They want to feel warm and secure from inside. Now we have gotten to the core issue, health. What about conventional thinking prepares us to maintain our health?

What do you mean by conventional thinking? The ways we are trained to perceive. The skills we are taught and told will prepare us to handle so called real life?

Lowering stress. Ever get stressed out at trying to apply a stress reduction technique? It all seems sort of hopeless doesn’t it? We all seem insane no? Any chance we can clear our heads?

I get annoyed when my brain won’t shut up. Well, the brain literally never stops working, and it has worked ever since it was able to work. But it didn’t start out working this way. It didn’t start out with a model of real life.

It does things that are not good for me. Indeed, and those self-destructive things are retained because there was a reason. We are told we have to have reason, reason everything out.

So your brain comes before your first heart beat? Actually, no it doesn’t. It comes around the same time, but only the core of it exists at first.

That’s when the baby’s brain is at its most vulnerable to damage? Actually, it’s when it is least vulnerable.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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