I don’t feel that people hurt because they are unenlightened. I feel they are unenlightened because they do not hurt.

Control The Flue in Awareness


Everyone familiar at least in passing with biofeedback? It’s using the mind to alter the body functions.

People think things happen to them, like sustaining a paper cut. That is something that happened to them, but our mental body dictates what our physical body tells us. They are even training people to use the hologram of the nerves, that would have corresponded to a missing arm, to move a prosthetic arm.

Is that like someone saying they caught food poisoning and then you feel sick thinking you also caught something? That does relate to it.

Hypochondria. Some people get addicted to going to the doctors and they surf the net looking for illnesses to get. Indeed, this is so.

I think I am picking up my friends ailments. One friend has headaches, now I get headaches. Another friend has bad knees, now my knees hurts.

I think everyone is looking for answers on an animal level, if not consciously. So some get addicted to religion, some to medicine, some to art. Some artists go nuts if they can’t bang out their emotions on an instrument of choice, like a drug of choice, or a sport of choice, but the answers rarely surface this way, and when they do it’s incidental rather than intentional.

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Answers come with exploration of new areas and boundaries? Oh, yes. They can come when you willingly and deliberately recontextualize your experience. I do this myself, sometimes to my wife’s confusion.

Always investigating and learning new ideas to apply to your own experience? Yes. Personal experience, and experience of self, are mirror images of each other. One event happens and you think it means the opposite of what it does. This is why life seems so contrary so often. Is this anyone elses experience? Like raising your right hand in a mirror but instinctively thinking it was your left? Trying to be loving to your partner but having it sound like resentment?

Well, there is an answer to all of this. It’s inside you. First realize that your knee jerk reactions don’t mean you want to kick the person in front of you. Your knee jerk reactions are uncoordinated self awareness, like a baby learning it can grasp things. But if you schizophrenically interpret your hands grasp as a monster trying to anchor you to an object, you miss the point entirely and add compound issues to your original challenge. People interpret their impulsive behaviours that way. They think it means there is somehow a monster inside them, because they did or said something really nasty to their spouse, say, or they did something really foolish in their work. The range of confusion is very broad.

Because we hold it in when we shouldn’t and it comes out in another unrelated situation? In part, and at first dis-inhibition helps, but you have to focus more deeply when the psychic dust begins to settle.

They should use Second Life to get their demons out. That can help. They likely could find someone, or a group of people, more than willing to help them engage in a variety of cathartic activity, but eventually you begin to see the core self. It’s a fluctuation energy, sort of like fire, and the airwaves or air currents moving through your core are what give rise to your impulses. You can control the flue.

By becoming able to see the currents? Yes and no. The currents, much like air, sort of all act in the same way anyway. You control the flue by focusing on the channel the currents are coming through.

Ah, expression. Yes. You are not just the observer. You aren’t just a camera that looks at things. Photography always needs a subject, but your awareness can create its own subjects at will.

Awareness is expression? Oh, indeed. You aren’t aware of anything until it’s already in the expression stage.

Awareness is action and not observation? Exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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