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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Big World Of Mind in Awareness


Individual consciousness could also be called meta-cognition. Thinking is like the lungs. You can direct them, and they will work on their own. They can also serve as a vector for the induction of foreign substances. Whether that’s wise or not is another matter, but your thinking is a vector for the introduction of half developed energies. Any stimuli is an energy or you can’t have perceived it at all.

Mental junk is airborne, but it’s avenues are sound and sight, even taste and touch. All of this will go on without us and has nothing to do with our individual awareness. Your enjoyment of chocolate chip cookies will tell you nothing about your own mind, but it can tell you things about your brain. This clarify anything at all?

They used to think the electrical pathways that ran along the surface of the skin had nothing to do with cognition, just part of the galvanic skin response they tap into with a lie detector as well as other scanning equipment. Now without any structural interference, just jamming the electrical activity in the immediate proximity of your head, they can actually compromise your cognitive processes. With devices like the God helmet they can even do that in targeted ways. They are working on therapeutic applications of this principle, but it will be in the works for a while.

If I have my science right, light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, yes? The visible part I believe you mean? Yes. That’s all I need to make my point, but I do think it would include even the infrared and ultraviolet as well. Light and electricity heat things up really well, but yes, the pattern created by the function of our brains is not incoherent and has a broader range than people currently acknowledge. But they get it backward. It’s not produced by the activity of the brain. It feeds the activity of the brain, and precedes the formation of the brain, for that matter. It guides the entire biological maturation process. The entirety of your organic form is just an appendix to it, and in time gives way to a form of pupation. If this is ever circumvented, then the degree of epigenetic variability in the preserved system would produce catastrophic aberration of the organic component of consciousness. We see it to a lesser degree in the use of psycho pharmaceuticals. The intention is therapeutic. Trying to restore what they think is supposed to be a fixed balance of chemicals, but the reactions of the body after toxify the entire system and alter the brain in undesirable ways.

Drugs cause brain damage? It could be said that way.

Or mind damage? Oh, no such thing as mind damage, but mind stasis on the other hand… Paralysis on that level has it’s own set of consequences much worse than simple organic issues, but perhaps that’s another topic.

We must remove ourselves from our mind and body to better understand them? Brain and body. You are your mind.

I think some people do this intuitively. Like when you are in deep emotional pain, you sometimes disconnect and see things very coolly and rationally. I agree.

To get this, it feels like our whole conditioned thinking process has to be circumvented somehow. It feels like the brain stutters on the idea. Yes, it does. Like a strained muscle spasm when it’s growing, the brain spasms when you try to introduce more psychic energy into it.

Research is showing that much of my personal experience is common in the case of people with my mutation or variations of it. The fear trigger is constantly switched on so fear learning is switched off. Instead, it becomes an obsessive focus on analysis. They caught all this on camera, so to speak, though they are pretty seriously misinterpreting it. Functional magnetic resonance imaging coupled with what they consider to be reliable tests of affective reaction. But what this means in general is this. You don’t need to make any sacrifices, suffer emotional scarring or brain damage. You just have to see the brain for what it is, and what it does for what it is.

So yes, there is a big world of mind available to you friends, if you stop being hung up on your brain and sexual parts.

You say you are intuitive and not analytical, but I think you are extremely analytical. I will offer a resolution to that paradox. The process of rote learning doesn’t play a part in my reasoning. My traditional intelligence quotient isn’t anything impressive, but my spontaneous intelligence is higher, and sudden insights into patterns I experience is quite common which I then ruminate on in my leisure. I have a lot of leisure time mentally. If you apply brain theory, since my mental modules don’t talk to each other as well as they should, they get bored and function on their own, form little pockets of experience like television sets in my head.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Bashir Bomai

    An analylitical mind does not mean that it cannot grasp intuitive impulses and differentiate the two phenomena and apply them when required.In addition,the projection of your body encompassed in light is a relatively simple process providing you are in a state of complete calm.Several “pictures” may appear at first.The choice of your intention is entirely yours.Remember though,you must retain complete command and focus.For those who cannot do this,there is a simple experiment.You must be alone and comfortable.The room for the exercise must have gentle light.Focus on an object of your choice and try to keep your mind steady so that it may not wander.Switch off all appliances like the TV,CD player.Any thing that will distract you from your exercise.The object of your exercise must be something pleasant-a candle is best(at least it worked for me)Do not ever make it a strict regimen that you must do every day.It must be at a time your spirit inclines to it.In short,you must listen to your mind and avoid loud and aggressive persons or rowdy crowds because by the time you progress,you will not wish to have “disturbances”.Create what suits you.In Islam,there is a period of the night that is entirely proved to be suitable-1am to 3am.Prayers and recitations are clearer and one can feel the inner workings of the mind.Hidden meanings suddenly become clearer(intuitively).But mind you,I am only sharing what Islamic Mystics have taught.I have had experiences that can only be said to be like unto miracles.But if you are a Christian,ask for guidance from a priest whom you feel can understand your questions.Listen and accept what you need(you will know).You can focus on the cross-please it should be without the figurine-it should be plain or made of silver(or coated with clear silver).The candle should be placed in front of the cross.When you become tired.stop.Go to sleep.Eventually,as time passes by,you will feel some changes.Never be rigid in posture.Sit in a position that suits you.Start with this.You will progress along a particular way because your direction will emanate from the inside.Lastly,use some incence,sweet smelling and acceptable to you.Harsh incence will only make you “cranky” and might even cause a headache.Stay away from casual sex,except with your wife.Infact this is encouraged.It helps raise some “dormant”centers of the brain.If you drink alcohol,withdraw in stages.Remember,DO NOT FORCE IT.Your concentration should be gradual,10 minutes for maybe a week,15 minutes for another week,20 minutes and so on.Set your own pace.As for me,I am also continuously learning by degrees but I am at a stage whereby I am capable of moving into a state of complete calmness at “will”.If you live near a park,take a stroll around(when the sun cools down its heat) and examine nature’s manifestations.Watch the ladybirds,butterflies,a bee at work,the trees, shrubbery.Sit on a park bench and look at any artificial placid waters.All this you can do with your wife,but she must understand what you are doing(do not go with her if she is a chatterbox and switch off your handset,pagers etc).That period of time is your own alone.Besides,if you are a Westerner reading this,then you’ve made it,because the(believe me or not)earth will assist you with its energies.The same goes for anyone living in the Southern Hemisphere.I live in the Sahel Savanah and I always work doubly hard to “search,capture and use” my energies.It is too “dense” and the energetic Earth particles(or powerlines) seem to be abundant at the Western and Southern Hemispheres.Lastly,Humanity is trying to “wake up”.Do not think of anything but peace and tranquility,love,and Light!Salam.

  2. Bashir Bomai

    Travis Saunders-I have “discovered” that when one becomes “aware” of certain relationships(between the creatures(especially the human) and the higher planes of existence,trials and tribulations begin in order to test the receptive Spirit in so many ways that sometimes could be said to be uncanny) and the brain is functioning as it should,one realises that knowledge is evident and the one that has been given the knowledge is also expected to use the knowledge in ways words cannot describe,therefore,constant hard work is required.Sometimes,certain creatures are manifested to the Spirit undergoing trials.It is easy to shift and adjust to the Will of the SOURCE of All that exists.It is however hard work because of the violent species who constantly cause disruptions to the “links”.Even as I type this,my fellow humans of evil disposition have hurt me(not physically)but by means that could be said to be Demonic.But,I understand the underlying reasons.One of these is deliberate in order to throw me off my Cosmic work thence bring me “down” to the Lower Planes.Yes.It is difficult,but I am sticking it out.

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