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Absorption Dysfunction in Humble Opinion

The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray.
Oscar Wilde

Why I Am Dysfunctional Today: I sometimes become intensely absorbed in some random train of thought.

This isn’t daydreaming. While I’m immersed in whatever mental tangent I am on, I lose touch with whatever my current reality is to the point that I don’t properly react to what’s going on around me. If it were daydreaming, I might potentially stumble along some train of novel ideation, but no… It’s just the same old beaten down obsessions. This can go on until I’m really sick of my own company.

People do tend to go on about self-esteem, but it’s only been in these moments of self revulsion that I have had the opportunity to reconnect with something more real and genuine than the noise in my head.

I tend to run off at the mouth in social situations, but when I get bored of my nonsense, it’s then that I really listen to other people. If nothing ever disturbed me or moved me to emotion, I fear my life would degenerate into an empty narcissistic mess. Even if this describes everyone’s life, isn’t it nice to have variety?

That‘s my dysfunctional self. What’s yours?

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insight on “Absorption Dysfunction”

  1. Nikhil Manna

    This feels familiar. It is true that antisocial situations exist as much as social ones. Those things vary so much from society to society. To really speak and listen to someone has been considered antisocial in certain groups. Standing is considered social while speaking is considered antisocial. Communication is something great though and can be so beneficial, it can be therapeutic. So many have been “healed” in Church. I believe things are circumstantial really.

    In this modern world, many tribes have found an equilibrium. The people making up these tribes may not be in equilibrium themselves. The equilibrium is due to this pseudo-reality which is there mainly to help in cohesion.

    I believe not so many rewards are there in this I believe, though there are many tribes out there. There is a lot of work yet for us to move into post-modernism. Then maybe my tribe will be dominant.

    There is another way of taking this also. It is true that if I am the only different one, because of the gregarious instincts of humans, a lot of negative energy may be projected onto me. Maybe the biggest part of it may be done by myself actually. Nevertheless, there is a saying that the man with only one eye is king among the blind- which is quite interesting and can be explored.

    Acceptance or self-love has been important for me in the last year… and now Travis I’m able to do what you advised me already, that is meditation which is also an amazing tool with this type of dysfunctionality provided you can actually try it in that state.

    Take care my old friend.

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