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Counter culture becomes mainstream when the norm is toxic and society looses its center. Eventually not being recognizable in its original form.

Don’t Worry About Lies in Deception


Now shall we go to the very depths? The deceit of conflict, lies of malice.

We encounter conflict no matter where we go. The “evil” liar knows their lies will not endure. They also know that they don’t have to last to have the impact they want. The aggressive liar moves into other people’s mental and spiritual space, and engages in a conflict of wills that, if they are wise, will serve as a baptism by fire. They embrace the pain and turmoil of active deceit, because they know the future arises on this battlefield, and they do not engage in aggressive lies simply for the purpose of doing harm. That only destroys what they hope to gain. They have to give you some truth in order to preserve the power they would wield to their own ends. They are not the only players on this field of conflict, but most are too shell shocked, blinded, emotionally wounded, too psychotic to use this power deliberately. So in fact, all they create is rubbish, noise, contaminating everyone’s life.

One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that someone is out to get us. That someone plans to do us harm. No one intends this. They don’t have to. It will happen anyway, but which would you rather have as a neighbor, one who burns your rosebush so neither of your yards will burn, or one who burns the whole yard because it is all evil and has to be purified? Why not join that person who is destroying your rosebush?

Are those the only two choices? Unfortunately, yes. Humans are narrow minded creatures. If you join the person who is vandalizing your rosebush, you actually stand a chance of understanding why.

So we all become Muslims? We all become not-Muslims, and not-Christians, and not-atheists. I am all of these things. I like a broad margin to my life. I prefer to be able to stand in a mosque and respect the Imam. I want to stand in a synagogue and respect the Rabbi. I want to stand in a Buddhist shrine and respect the Monk.

It sounds like what Chopra calls the silent witness in us. It’s a wise part of ourselves. It’s also called the wise advocate, because it has a sense of natural order. It is in touch with what we really need, cares not only about us but about everything we care about, includes it all, and sees these things clearly. It knows that you should just pick a card when the magician asks, and enjoy the wonder of their play on illusion.

Don’t worry if someone is deceiving you, everyone is deceiving you, and they always have, including you. If you are not worried about lies, what would you do?

Relax. Peace is wisdom. It allows clarity.

Leave the doors unlocked, my money lying around everywhere. Why would you do that? Actually, you would know where all your money is, and remember why you had it in the first place which has nothing to do with keeping it from others. You would also realize that you have avoided intrusion so far because nobody to date has really wanted to. You could see clearly that the majority of people are not a threat to you, and could make decisions based on what is actually present in your community, what and who. Really, value is a people thing, but can we preach truth and value people also? How many people do you shun for their lies?

If you don’t worry about lies, you can see that their lies reveal their truths, and you can know what they would really do, because people always lie about their truths. If it’s not their truth, they don’t even think to make up a lie about it.

But when the mechanic tells you that your $50 tire problem is in fact a $2000 axel problem, it’s time to get a second opinion. Yes. His lie involves money. He wants money and needs to hear lies that relate to his own lies, his worry about money.

I do not believe people always lie. I believe they always lie, but they always do the truth. We have to keep the balance, play lets pretend in our ideas and speech.

I don’t think you are lying. I am telling you the largest lies you have ever heard. There is a reason I say that, because none of it is true until you are ready for it to be true. See how deceitful that is?

What about light/shadow. Is the shadow the lie? Yes, exactly, and it can be the shady soothing safe spot you rest in. Too much sun bakes your brain.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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