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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Conquer Worry in Worry


What if we seek comfort from food or substance as a way of dealing with worry, even though we know we shouldn’t? That is a mixed worry response. Your instincts are still in a sense good, but we sit and brood. If you are busy in self expression or engagement with life, make that your first concern. Then if a worry comes up, you won’t sit and worry about it. If you give yourself permission to make mistakes, you will also take proper actions.

Thanks. I know what I should be doing, but find it hard to take the advice in reality. I should do more creative stuff.

It’s like giving a physical form to worry? Yes. You can and do. We concern ourselves with external factors when the actualization of our hoped for outcome always stems from ourselves. We worry about what we should be, but what we want can come only from what we are.

Think about doing versus what not to do? Yes. The subconscious mind thinks only in identities and what things are. It has no concept of absence. If you worry about what not to do, your subconscious sees only the thing you clearly identify as action.

I have been thinking this for a while. I kind of have ADHD and I find it hard to concentrate on one thing long enough to succeed at it. Ah, I have read much on that, and the worry process still applies. No amount of worry will allow you to focus, but you don’t actually forget the old action do you? The thing you moved away from in your mind? You can conquer that worry by accepting that your mind works like that.

Is not feeling motivated a sign that you’re not being authentic? It can be, yes. The very first thing you need accept about anything in life is yourself. How you think, how you feel.

I analyze myself far too much. That can be a stumbling block. You have to let yourself function how you function, and learn to do that better.

I think we are suppose to create our reality with our words, is that right? Are they the same way in reality, the words (we talk) and mind (we think and judge the world)? They are, because your words and language as a force don’t arise because humans wanted them to, and your mind isn’t self arising either. You didn’t create it, but there are habits like worry that obscure the inner truth. In the Bible, it says the word or “logos” of God is written on the human heart.

Then reality itself, is it different than our words = mind? Reality can be different than your word/mind, yes, and if that’s true then your actions will reflect your word/mind and not reality. Worry is fear, and it doesn’t reflect reality. F.E.A.R. = fantasy envisioned as reality. What you worry about is what you will do.  It’s just the function of the human mind.

But what if some of our worries are well founded? Your worries aren’t, but your awareness might be. You only worry when something seems off, incomplete in the picture. Otherwise, you just see clearly and know what to do, or if you can do anything about it and no worry arises. Worry is recursive thought. Your worries generally aren’t new, and they keep you stuck in your problems.

How does that apply to the current economic problems and lay-offs? Much of those are out of our hands? That’s true, and no worry will correct the economic crisis though it is likely sustaining it.

It’s better to be accepting and/or pro-active? Exactly, it is. Einstein said something that relates to this. You can’t solve a problem in the same state of mind that made you aware of it. Worriers are very aware of problems.

Is there any “lying” to yourself”? “No worries, no worries, everything will be fine” when in fact there is tragedy happening? Oh, lying is a worrying behaviour. It’s back handed worrying. If you genuinely aren’t worried, you won’t have to tell yourself everything will be fine. If you are homeless, you don’t gain anything by telling yourself everything will be fine. You do have to accept that you are homeless, but no amount of worrying finds the homeless person a home. If you accept that your state is what it is, and you accept that you can act, you will act, and in whatever frame of time it takes, you won’t remain homeless.

Accepting the situation would free up time and energy to act as well? Yes. In fact, addictions aren’t freedom from worry. In a sense, they are being deeper in it. They are saying, “I can’t do anything so I will do something that reflects this worry I believe in.” They don’t pertain to reality.

Like a self-fulfilling prophecy then? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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