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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

Defeat in Worry in Worry


Worry is a very common mental habit, but it doesn’t add one bit to our effectiveness in dealing with things. We are encouraged to worry by social reinforcement. It’s supposedly how we show interest and investment in things, that we really care and are concerned, but generally it warps our presence in any situation.

Can you give an example? Hmm, well example, you are talking with a friend and they are very upset. Maybe recently lost a loved one. If you worry about what is right to say, your tension will likely be evident, and make the person who suffered the loss feel even more estranged and more lost. Often times a social error can be grounding in those situations, reminding us that we are still alive and who we are.

Do you feel there is a difference between worry and concern? Yes, I do. Concern is the simple state of being involved, and no matter our lifestyle we are involved in things and mostly with other people as well. But in our worry we often try to do things we can’t, or be things we aren’t. We worry about something we are connected to, rather than just being concerned, interested and involved. You can feel empathy for another even, but this isn’t possible if you are in the grip of worry.

That is why I am so worried about lost opportunities to develop. They won’t develop from the worry, and unless you are in your genuine self, even if an opportunity arises it will be half developed and not supported.

Worry creates stress, rather than empathy? Yes, exactly. Worry prevents awareness of the now. It immerses your mind in a possible future, and can even make the fear a self fulfilling prophecy. Because that opportunity for empathy might have been needful, and you might even grow hostile. Hurting the person without thinking about it, because you are lost in worry.

Lost in mind? Basically yes, but worry is not the only faculty of mind.

So you feel afraid to hug that person, when they really would have liked one? Yes, if the hug comes from your genuine self, your genuine feeling, then it is inherently right. We worry about consequences, but if we value insight we have to admit we cannot account for all consequences.

Do you know Jesus story? Was he worried about his way? Ah, I do and no he wasn’t worried, not as a rule. He wasn’t worried because he was inspired. This inspiration comes from within, in himself, and in us as well.

Because he was being himself? Yes, exactly. So he was assured? No, he wasn’t in fact assured. Assurance isn’t necessary. It’s a derivative style of thinking usually stemming from the habit of worry.

What is necessary? Self knowledge, and in knowing self, knowing the God within as Jesus did. There is no error even if it’s seen as error in human eyes. You cannot fail unless you just will not do.  But in the case of abstaining from action, if you are doing so knowingly that isn’t necessarily a failure either. You always succeed at doing something, but in worry you defeat yourself before you ever had a chance to succeed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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