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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Thought is Energy in Worry


Why does stress affect us so physically? You feel tense and out of breath. What is triggering that? There isn’t mind and body, there is only mind. The cardiac nerve plexus is a primal brain, as is the enteric nerve plexus, and they still function as brains even if we don’t want them to.

Is it a primal behaviour, like reacting to loud noises? Oh yes, a worrier evaluates too much as threatening. The “other brains” believe it, so the body gets ravaged with changes that it doesn’t need. Fight or flight responses when they aren’t warranted. Getting the body ready to run or fight.

I watched a Wayne W. Dyer video that all thought is energy, and that energy is in us. He showed how you hold a negative thought and immediately you are weaker. Yes, and in that reaction if you believe you are disempowered mentally your body believes it too. Your self image is orders to your body. Believe you are overweight, your body will busily make itself overweight. You won’t use what you consume, because you believe something is wrong with your body. As far as the primal brains know, you are right, and fat stores are good for dealing with being sick or injured. It doesn’t know why you think your body is bad.

The thought becomes the truth? Yes, literally. The reason mind is its own worst enemy, and worry is one of its worst behaviours if not the worst.

Is the hypochondriac the same as worry? Yes, a hypochondriac is really sick. It’s just an obsession coupled with a worry habit, so they will destroy their own health and blame some poor organism.

Obsession is more extreme than worry? No, it’s a spectrum, but not really more extreme. You can use the same tendency positively, and even recondition the body brains. You can think about how energetic you are.  How you can do so much in a day that you could find more things to do and enjoy it. It would have an effect as surely as hypochondria does. The key is entertaining the idea is true, the same as you do with worry.  The mind is tremendous. Life is a state of mind, and your focus will shape your whole reality. How one responds to thinking effects our bodies. Truth be told you do have a single focus, we all do as the mind doesn’t multi-task really.

I hate when people ask ‘are you busy?’ I always think well no, I’m doing one thing at a time. When I say that I just get a strange look.  You can go with the word busy. If the person thinks they are busy they rush about doing errands, and they are usually not especially creative. They tend to dehumanize people because the person is another item on their “to do” list, and they try to minimize the investment of energy in one thing.

Positive attitude allows multi task? Well, positive attitude allows freedom. The one focus you have is your self image. Tell me in one word what you think you are, I can describe the general gist of your whole life.

How about lazy, opposite of busy? Ok, the lazy person feels life isn’t very interesting, and they feel the same about themselves. They aren’t moved to say much, because they don’t have something that is exciting to say. They tend to avoid getting entangled even in things they worry about, because really they don’t think they can be done with it anyway.

Lazy has no motivation.  Maybe sometimes for a very good reason? Lazy does have a motivation. It takes energy to do nothing. If you choose to meditate someone might think you are doing nothing, but that is not the same as a lazy self image.

How many kids did you know in school who were labelled as lazy when maybe they just weren’t stimulated by school? I was, and it made me quite negative so I am still to a degree lazy. I understood the lessons, but wasn’t being personally fed. There is no evidence supporting that education actually prepares one for success after. Those who succeed, succeed despite public school. They go on to college and make their courses fit their goal. Mental stimulation is fun for some people, I know people who love working equations. I didn’t have language fun, but language did help me explore world thinking, and that was fun.

If teachers could do what teaching parents do, and teach based on insight into the child, it might instil a growing love of learning. Rather than struggle, it will become a natural strength feeding a willingness in them to share their aptitude with the world. My young son has a sense of adventure when it comes to taste and tasting things. He could be a great chef.  If we didn’t start in on “get good grades” and “be ready to succeed”, students wouldn’t worry and likely would be more willing to study “strange” topics that we wouldn’t think of as fun.

Oh my, you mean don’t worry, be happy? Heretic. :razz: Yes. :lol:

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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