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The consensus reality is the lie.

Adapting and Learning in Worry


We can adapt and we can prevent ourselves from acting on our own natures, thus making us fail to adapt. When you are doing things you’re not sure of, don’t just do something, sit there. If you are worrying, don’t just sit there do something. Don’t worry about if it’s wrong. You have an innate understanding you might not have noticed before. I promise it’s there.

Worry is about asking questions of why? Yes, and whatever you find upsetting is upsetting not because it holds some secret truth, quite the opposite, it’s upsetting because it has little or no truth.

Worry plays a part in making decisions or the inability to make choices? Concern plays a part in decision making, not worry. Worry just cripples it.

Knowing the answer does matter? Sometimes knowing that there is no answer. Not everything is answerable to logic. In fact, I would say the bulk of things aren’t. Spock wouldn’t like that, but he would admit it and did.

The logic of ‘I don’t know’ is the most logical? Yes, there is logic in that. It’s often the missing necessary step to real learning, first admitting that you really don’t know. When you are worried, do you really know your worry is justified? If you had to say “I really don’t know what will happen”, could you worry?

No, because then any outcome could be the right one. So no need. Yes, thus another aspect of worry.  We are told we need to think about our futures.  If we are smart, supposedly we should have it all planned.  Ultimately you have no future. You don’t. The future isn’t real until it’s here, and then it’s not your future. Have any of you had an issue you couldn’t handle for one day? Emphasis is on a single day. What was this thing you couldn’t endure for one day?

It caused me to walk out of my job. I met someone I went to school with, and they had kids and a great career and it scared me to think I wouldn’t have that and be stuck in a job I didn’t like anymore.  Ah, so you did handle it. You took an action and it was the right one wasn’t it?

I felt guilty about leaving my coworkers, this was mid shift. I just had to get out. Now I feel good that I did it, and my coworkers were very understanding. I wrote them a letter to apologise.  Guilt doesn’t help anything, but it is common. So was it really something you couldn’t handle in that one day? Sounds to me like you handled it fine.

For one day you will handle anything correctly. You will manage it at your full potential. If you are thinking about a whole career, you won’t handle it well. People plan for big parts of their lives, but you can’t grasp fully that big part of your life even if you’re a genius.

I remember that cramming for tests doesn’t work, so the same goes for life, studying a bit at a time. Yes. No matter how far reaching your plans, you should realize that they are inherently possessed of that defect. I know people who have anxiety attacks. Their self esteem goes way down because their plans have that flaw, but no one can plan differently no matter how intelligent.

I’m asked all the time if I have a five year plan. I answer no. That how can I plan when my practice is staying in the now. My peers look at me like I’m a lost puppy. You are likely one of the few who isn’t lost, nor disoriented. Any tomorrows you will have come from today. Your today came from yesterday which was a today then. How you lived yesterday set you up for today, but it’s a rule only so far as it is a habit.

I think impatience is a problem for me too, wanting it all now, now, now. And wanting those things you don’t have yet makes you mismanage what you do have. You will neglect what you do have now for what you feel you should have now.  You will lose what you do have, and fail to get what you planned to have. Self fulfilling doom. There is a question I use; What if today you learned you were damned? This was your final fate. What you have now is what you get. How would you behave?

The reason I ask the question about damnation is it makes you let go. A lot of times people don’t live their day fully. They think they have to hold off because somehow the sacrifice will allow them to have a better day tomorrow. Tell me, has that been the truth for anyone? Has holding off today ever made your following day better?

Hmm, saving the best for last? Saving the best for last is saving the best for death, and in death they will ask you “Why didn’t you live?” “What were you expecting?”

Who’s asking? Oh, depends on what you believe. Any life changing question you were ever asked, you have probably been asked repeatedly in one form or another. But when your beliefs permitted you to be receptive, then you heard the question and it changed your life. The idea that you will “see it when you believe it” isn’t new age jargon, it’s psychological fact. They have done extensive studies on perception, and they discovered it’s functionally only psychological. A blind person may still be able to tell you what someone looks like, and people see only what they believe they will see. It doesn’t have to have a mystical explanation. We process information through our beliefs. Literally directing our senses without thinking. In the case of worry, a worrier will always find reason to be worried, until they see what they are doing with their worry. Regrettably, this is usually after the heart attack.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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