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Your literal reality is part of the math that’s being done. You are the value that the universe is trying to get a sum for.

Horse Sense in Worry


Someone said to me the other day that they ‘reason’ their way out of worry. Do you think that can work? Reasoning your way out of worry? No. Worry patterns are habits of thought, and a logical process can seem to justify a worried stance.

Worry is really only avoided by a recognition of your connections, and acceptance isn’t necessarily disempowering, rather much the opposite. In worry, you sit and worry about how things aren’t arranging themselves to your desires, your expectations. With acceptance, you adapt to the thing you might have worried about, and may very well find you can do something about it, but not until you first accepted it.

When a person first becomes wheel chair ridden, they often worry about everything they can’t do. How their life has changed. How much they have lost. Not everyone does this, but those who do tend to do very little. Their life reflects what they believe is true. Acceptance of the wheel chair ridden condition is simply “I have to use this chair, so now what?” With that acceptance the mind can turn to other things. How to keep their accustomed walk, but in their chair. How the kitchen needs to be arranged, so they can cook in their chair.  They don’t worry about much of anything do they? They adapt, but not without the acceptance. Humans are evolved to be good at adapting, but they turned their natural gift against itself. This is what worry is.

It doesn’t seem so when we get a huge snow fall and people act like they are doomed. They don’t seem to let common sense in. Valid point. Our intellects exist to allow us to analyze and accept a wider range of data than perhaps any creature on the planet, but instead we use that same analytical and learning power to construct denial patterns, elaborate rationalizations. In some ways, we are too smart for our own good, thus they speak of horse sense. Horses are limited in their ability to fully understand other species, or even objects in their environment. Thus they sometimes do things we think are silly, but they still in a way have an advantage over us, because they don’t rationalize. They aren’t bogged down in ideas of why they can’t do something. If they believe they can’t do something it’s from factual experience.

They understand when a situation is unsafe or needs caution. Yes, they do. Their minds are well equipped for living as a horse lives. We humans would make very poor horses.

Just thinking of me as a horse. :smile: It is a good thing to think of, and being able to think of yourself as a different species is what permitted us to domesticate other species. We could “anthropomorphize” things. We did it with the forces of nature too.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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