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Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

We Need Story in Deception


It would be more useful to look for my lies. Truth could naturally surface then. Truth always naturally surfaces, because reality always remains real. We don’t have to do anything about that. This is why people fall into this apathy that has led to so much borderline psychotic behavior. They believe that all truth is subjective. In fact, all lies are subjective. All subjectivity is deceit, and deceit doesn’t exist because some cold hearted God is sitting in some lofty throne laughing at us. It existed originally as a gift. In Christianity and Christian Gnosticism, it was called the comforter, and wherever two or more gather in the spirit of the truth, the comforter is indeed present.

How is that deceit? It is veiling our senses in our own presence, in our own thinking.

Sages speak of absolute truth to be realized. They do, and many sages go on to say something paradoxical, that you find the truth when you forget it.

Absolute truth is not subjective? Absolute truth is not subjective, nor is it limited. It is enduring and all pervasive. It creates the backdrop or movie screen that our consciousness plays out its stories on.

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I would say the absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth. I would say that the absolute truth is that there is infinite truth. Nature abhors a void, as they say.

So we need to make that point when we speak of truth? We actually need to realize that we cannot make a point, that all of our efforts are deceit, all of our ideals are vanity, and keep living anyway.

We need that story. We need that pocket of self around us, the perceptual aura, but we cannot use it to its fullest potential while we are busy telling ourselves it is true. We put a lot of energy into convincing ourselves that the mortal is immortal, that the truth hurts, that the universe is cold, all of this is a waste of our time and energy. We will never find the universe machine because machines are made up things, objects of deceit.

Are those all points of observation? When you stop moving, you observe one point in time. It isn’t all. It is one point. Yes. So it is a lie to think it is all, but it is a point in time.

But we are forever arriving in heaven, only to learn it is really hell. We do have a path ahead of us, but it moves through us into regions we cannot see. We tell ourselves that since we cannot see these things, we have to make them up, thinking that we can make up things that aren’t there as if we can create something from nothing. Where we get the things, we make our future from, is the future itself, because everything we want and need is already here, right here, right now. We just have to allow it. But what do we allow when we decide that we know the truth?

People like that make me cringe. They allow little. And they receive little.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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