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Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

Destructive Lie in Deception


We lie about our power. We do. We tell a horrible lie. We say that we are without power. This lie is really destructive.

And to make others believe that they have no power is worse. Do you know why they do that? So we can control them. We make other people believe they have no power when we succeed in making ourselves believe that. When we zealously subscribe to the reality in which there is no real power, then we have to limit anything that threatens this view of reality. If we believed we had power, we would be too involved in using our own to bother with anyone else.

We bring others to whatever level we’ve put ourselves at? Exactly.

The villain always loses because he thinks he needs to take the power he already had. Luther could strip Superman of all of his perceived power, even without doing anything to Superman at all. By using his own power to remove what gave Superman his role, then Superman would have no avenue to be seen as a hero.

So we just hide and be confused? Exactly. We are hiding and being confused and refusing to look at the very thing that confuses us. Instead, we look for truth well before we could even hope to understand it.

And therefore we need a false image of power. Exactly. Truth and justice. Real justice isn’t fighting crime. Real justice would be removing the context in which crime could be practiced.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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