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There is plenty of violence for all the anti-violence, which is just more violence.

Descend to the Valleys in Deception


Just as the wise man ascends to the top of a mountain in the metaphor, there are those who descend to the valleys, walk along the waters of chaos. More commonly we call chaos, trouble. There is a reason they stay near trouble.

Do we not all learn from others deceit? We do, and it is through no choice of our own. It’s not a character flaw.

These currents of trouble and pain are like water carving earth and stone. They hold the secret of change. Most keep to the high ground, standing on the bedrock of what they have decided is truth, and this may last a very great length of time, but how many of you have experienced floods of doubt?

Everyone does. The reason we experience these waves of doubt is because we choose to practice a deceit. Because we tell ourselves that we ignore falsehoods, we supposedly know the real truth. The dark seeker deals in falsehood in order to find the truth like using high pressure water to drill a well. Yes, they run a risk, but do the holders of truth stand high and dry and honestly secure?

No one can sway all deceit. By those things we choose to conceal, we reveal ourselves, that very soft underbelly we are most terrified of, our inner demon.

So it’s like mining. The dark seeker is digging through the ore looking to reveal the nugget? Yes.

Teachings of Coyote. Yes.

I have a horrible trick I play. People really hate it. I am a wonderful liar. Any guess as to why?

You don’t like to admit weakness? I love admitting weakness. I openly say I am a liar, among other things, but I am such a good liar because I don’t tell someone my lies. I tell them their own lies, and I get creative with them. I work with the story they tell themselves, over exaggerate some parts, build a bit of emotional pressure, and watch as the dam bursts. I don’t mind getting dirty to allow things to get, really, very clean.

I think that’s maybe the only way to communicate with anyone. If you don’t work with their lies, they would totally ignore you.

Art is someone else’s lies that make a truth for you. Exactly.

But you don’t let someone lie to you? I do let people lie to me. Everyone lies, even me. It’s the ground we stand on. What we actually know is next to nothing. We all needed some dirt beneath our feet, so we practice art and philosophy and science.

But is it lying or lack of knowledge? Can we ever exist in any other state than that of lacking knowledge? What can we know beyond the limitations of our own brains?

That which is beyond our brains? The way the world is, the way our brains are, these are the same thing. We don’t stop being human on a whim. Remove the brain and you die.

We lie to ourselves to be part of earth? We do, yes. It’s also called storytelling or blarney.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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