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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

Light and Shadow in Psychic Vampirism

Psychic Vampire

Light siders have aggression too by the way. So understand the other. Not every one who is dark is your enemy. Dark and light can be very intimate and mutually supportive.  When you are attacked by dark, including psychic vampires, recall your strength, and I don’t necessarily mean your teaching. I mean that inner light in you that you have likely seen. If you have lost a loved one, or lost a cherished relationship (anything that makes you think of your values), that is when the light shines. Have you seen it?

Beautiful. Sometimes I fight against that loss, but other times, yes. We all struggle. As for me, my defence is to see how far the light shines, and bright light casts shadows. If we are friends, I dwell in the shadow you make for me.  If we are not, and you won’t go in peace, I dwell in the shadow of your fear.  But, we are all friends here.

There are differences in darkness. My night has stars, and the stars and moon can cast their own rainbow halos, but people often refuse to see what they can. When people enter my darkness, I look to see if they carry a lamp or cry out for the sun.  In my experience in darkness, light dwellers come and get lost. Some cry for the sun, and say “This is not right!” I often leave them to it. Others want the sun, but are not hostile so I will help them. Some bring their own light, and I welcome them to my home. Not everyone in darkness is a predator. They won’t all hurt you, and may not even entertain the idea. As they say, “Not all who wander are lost.” If I go out into that light, some light is gentle like those that might sooth you as you relax around a campfire.  I can be a shadow there.  Other light is harsh and distorts my presence. It moves even me to anger and is intrusive.  Either dark or light can be this. Dark can be night, or it can be abyss.

So, my point is I guess, if you feel that right now you are in darkness and away from home, feel uncomfy and lost, go gently. You can’t keep yourself safe if you don’t, anyway. The crusader makes the dark dwellers earn the stereotype. Go charging through the halls of darkness with a weapon flashing… Well, what are dark dwellers supposed to do?

It might be similar nose flames that help you sometime, even as they are annoyed at you for being afraid of them. Who knows, maybe look for a vampire? They might help you ditch some of that old burden and let more light in. If you have a friend dwelling in the shadows, they may still be very much your friend.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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