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Reality has a Threshold in Abyss


Today, we are talking about something you may have heard about elsewhere. So I will ask, what do you think of when you think of the word “abyss”?

The void?

A deep dark hole.

An unexplored, dark place.

Dark endless emptiness. Home of demons.

The abyss, as I will be discussing it today, is something that has much more to do with everyday reality than such a spooky word might seem to.

Reality has a threshold. There is a process by which the sounds, sights and experiences that we take for reality by which they are assembled, beyond a certain point both in perception and cognition as well as emotion, beyond the domain of natural states of matter and energy to do work, to behave in what we consider a rational way. There you have the abyss. There is no direction you can point to in the abyss. It isn’t underneath your feet. It isn’t even outside of your body. It permeates all the safe and sane structure we call reality.

The part of the abyss that is most understandable is what we will focus on primarily. Ever notice reality and everything in it, everyone in it, can get to behaving very strangely when under extreme stress?

There is a feeling of being disoriented.

Mass hysteria.

Nervous energy.

One person starts screaming then everyone starts to panic.

It doesn’t require a psyche either. Matter behaves strangely when under extreme stress also. Space itself, under enough pressure, breaks down. As one approaches the abyss threshold in their experience, things seem to get very distorted.

Is the black in space not the same as the abyss or is it not a physical abyss? No. The black of space is more comparable to a comfortable insulation. The abyss itself isn’t black. It doesn’t obey the rules of light at all. The abyss is trans-physical.

Is it the other side of the veil? It is one other side of the veil, yes.

What happens when whole societies come under extreme stress?

The society collapses. Violence. What you witness is the process of the life wish reduced to its most elemental nature. The raw fight to survive, not just preserve flesh and blood, but to preserve psychic integrity as well. To preserve one’s own sanity.

I guess the stress is a test for humanity? Most people learn how to band together in a crisis. Actually, the stress is just gravity. When you put energy under pressure, its force builds until it begins to break its bonds, spiritual explosiveness.

Can changes in gravity have an effect on our brains? They do, indeed. They change how light and sound are perceived as well as our sense of our own bodily well-being. It can feel like it’s disassembling reality entirely. Out beyond the abyssal event horizon you have a great singularity.

Are black holes part of this change in gravity? They are a physical parallel, yes, and the returning. Supposedly, information-less energy has its purpose as well. This is the function of the abyss, to cleanse stagnation.

Like injecting new genes into the gene pool to prevent inbreeding, so to speak? Exactly.

Are you saying that this is what keeps everything in motion? It is one of the forces that keeps things in motion. It has a polarized presence it exists in a complimentary relationship to.

It sounds like breathing in and out. Yes.

So even the universe recycles itself like a giant fish tank filter. The abyss is the filter? Yes. Where does the waste go, if there is any? There is no waste. What would appear to be waste returns as light.

No waste because nothing is without its purpose? Yes. Fortunately, human beings don’t normally have to perceive the function of the abyss in the world around them directly, but from time to time their mind still slips that way. It’s usually a very uncomfortable experience for them.

Is that where people go when they are in severe mental shock? Those who are in shock linger in the shallow stretch of the threshold.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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