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I feel in truth is liberation, freedom, and there is a whole tapestry of truth.

Abyssal Threshold in Abyss


Everyone familiar with the principle of entropy?

Decay. Things always fall apart. They don’t normally fall together.

Take any system and make it operate full force constantly, and it will reach a point where the order it depends on to function smoothly will break down. This happens for stars, happens for human minds as well, but it is commonly thought that the thing that breaks down just somehow disappears. Strange, no?

Nothing disappears. When it shifts into the abyssal threshold it becomes suspended in time and space, preserved for all intents and purposes indefinitely.

Is that what happens to the soul when the body dies? Not necessarily.

Does the abyss have something to do with all that missing matter in the universe that the physicists are looking for? Indeed, it does.

I was at a junkyard recently and saw the car skeletons. What was that like for you? People were taking the parts they could salvage and the rest was rusting. Some of the ones that had been wrecked were frightening. The elemental spirit in old cars can become quite disturbed.

There is no life in the abyss, no functioning, no matter or energy? There actually is a great deal of life. Within the boundaries of the abyssal threshold you have a great variety of beings. You could describe them as ascended life forms, and they often work with presences on the plane of the threshold, usually to free up and return that information back into the originating system.

There would have to be if it is injecting raw material into our world. It sounds like the primordial ooze we came from? It’s one dimension of primordial reality, one side of it.

Ever hear the phrase, “All your sins remembered”? Your sins are stress events in the web of energy and life. They imprint themselves on the surface of the abyss. Usually, they just leave vestiges, memories that are sometimes used to help the lost recover their sense of direction.

You trip over them going into the abyss? You do.

We go into the abyss? Onto its surface, yes, or you can. It’s only if a being passes in a state of extreme dissonance that they will linger on the threshold there for a time. Most people just record a little memory there and instead go elsewhere.

What kind of memory do they record? Stress memories, entropic energy patterns.

Is that when the mind snaps, so to speak? Yes, indeed.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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