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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Transcending Time in Time


Remote viewing is time travel. Even in modern research they discovered the atemporal aspect of remote viewing, and they also discovered something else. Nuclear reaction blocks it. The destruction of matters order seems to do the same to mind, as mind is a state of matter.

Like an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP)? Well, EMPs don’t fully destroy, but yes they create static so energy flows in states, frequencies. Transcending time is just changing the mental radio station.

Nuclear reactions block imagination? If your imagination were occurring in the blast radius, yes, and let’s go with that idea, quantum physics. They are discovering that at a certain level, mind can not conceive of states of matter and all of the qualities of it. They call this the uncertainty principle, and it shows up even in our machines. You could argue the organic brain is fallible, so why would machines read the same way? It is pretty simple. Mind isn’t in our heads. Brain comes second, not first.

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The brain is a useful organ. It let’s us be aware of our bodies, but it’s not so good if it’s damaged or radically altered. But it, and our bodies, co-arise with mind. Basically, the body in ever sense is a memory device. Body = memory. This is why so many schools of mysticism have their attitudes about the body. If you are distracted by the body there is much of mind you can’t see.

Like burning yourself and then remembering not to touch hot things? Basically, and you may not automatically stop burning yourself. Even on a neural reaction level it isn’t instantaneous.

There is an instant phase of time, sort of like material zero point. In the instant phase of time, the zero point of time if you will, all times are present immediately. For someone seeing it, it would be sort of disorienting, overlapped images and actions. A big mass of potential energy actualizing in the zero point. So there isn’t really much point in trying to totally transcend time. But if you see how it works, then the barrier itself is no longer functionally a barrier. Seeing past the time space barrier basically still takes a measure of focus, and as far as I’m concerned I’m fine with not seeing eternity or infinity. This is sort of why we are here. Not to see it, we are it. We should be busy expressing it.

To get rid of the distraction? Exactly. Being incarnated is very pragmatic. The disincarnate state tends to have its own limitations. It’s not unintelligible, it’s basically your mind itself. What Jung called the collective unconscious, what Buddhists call the bardo, it’s basically you at zero point outside of time/space expression.

Time seems to be such a big focus these days. “Don’t be late.” Yes, it is amusing. Time is like a little road that for some reason people are terrified to get off of, even though eventually its forces run them over.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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