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View of Time in Time


Time is in your head, and all that you know is time. Your whole view of time and space is psychic. It’s the mental/spiritual element in the diagram of elements. The psychic is actually matter, and the time you perceive is time you are relating to, because it’s space you are relating to, ideas and objects. Time as anything other than a behaviour of psychic force does not exist.

We perceive time, because relating and connecting are the rule. That is the actual order of all this world we live in. You are here now, not because some outside force makes you be. Everything you consider as outside you, beyond mind, it’s not in any way separate. You are here, because mind/soul needs you to be here. Here and now. Just ideas of relating.  We are in a sense immortal, and that is why preference for time and space does not matter. It’s your state of spiritual being that does matter. Your literal total self is in every place and time, even right now.

So can people see the future? Yes, they can. Is that fate? No, not in any way. What you are seeing is a state of being, and any being is spiritual. You are in that future right now, and you are in your past. What makes the difference, and what makes people able to do the seemingly amazing thing of seeing the future, is just awareness.

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Time travel is simply changing the state of being? Yes, that is what time travel is, but you can’t think of time in a spatial sense. If you do, then honestly you can’t get there from here. It’s not a straight line. It’s not even a flat plane. It’s an infinite web of existence. Literally all potential energy playing out, and nothing else is psychically possible. All energy expresses, including all your thoughts. All the thoughts you could have, and did have, you still have. This is why some say time is cyclical. It’s really just sort of a consensus craziness. People keep thinking the same things expecting different events, and honestly it just can’t happen. It keeps getting reinvented and called new, while other potentials are played out outside of our awareness. Some people wish for magic powers, the ability to teleport, or time travel. It isn’t that these things are made up, it’s that the circumstance under which they are real is something your mind screens out.

The more condensed our energy is into matter, the more time impacts us? Yes.

Imagination is really knowledge? It’s been proven that it’s literally not possible to imagine something, and use no element of real life experience. You just can’t do it. Your imagination can in no way operate outside of reality.

I can imagine going to Japan in mind, is that teleporting in a sense? Yes.  That is in a sense, and it even is the basis for transmission of information non-locally, telepathy and such.

The experience can come even from reading a book, and if you imagine yourself in Egypt for instance then you are indeed in Egypt? Yes, it potentially can. This is why people were so often afraid of a magicians books, and even why the making of symbols (we call them letters now) was considered a dark attempt to influence things, supposedly very black magic.

Words were black magic? Yes, in written form. This is why some cultures were so big on oral tradition, and heaven forbid written history. But as I said earlier, mind is the fifth state of matter, so if you in your imagination are in Egypt, then in the mind/matter state you are indeed in Egypt, but you will tend to see more mind matter. This is why remote viewing can get sort of strange.

Did they get that same sense of blackness from cave drawings? Yes, they were afraid of cave drawings. This is why usually only the Shaman, and maybe his or her apprentice, would go there often.

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