'Time' Chapter


I don’t experience the three times of past, present and future very well. My memory for events is strong, almost flawless, but not where they fall in relationship to each other. I don’t like time, and my mind doesn’t see it right. What is this strange illusion they like so much? There is only the infinite now. Those who remember the dream time know this truth about time. If you ask a traditional Australian aboriginal what time is it, they will say now. There is no time. There is order, and yes polarity. But it is a polarity of a whole, and like a circuit, the polarity gives rise to these finite realities.

Oracular time could be called universal time, which is one and the same thing as universal space. Time is like light in many ways, and we do perceive it backwards. It isn’t true that we are born and then we die. We did only one thing, call it whichever makes most sense to you, and we just keep doing it.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein (German born American Physicist 1879-1955)

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.” Jeremy Irons (British Actor, b.1948)

“We say we waste time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves.” Alice Bloch

View of Time

Time is in your head, and all that you know is time. Your whole view of time and space is psychic. It’s the mental/spiritual element in the diagram of elements. The psychic is actually matter, and the time you perceive… Seek More

Transcending Time

Remote viewing is time travel. Even in modern research they discovered the atemporal aspect of remote viewing, and they also discovered something else. Nuclear reaction blocks it. The destruction of matters order seems to do the same to mind, as… Seek More

Punctuation of Time

Have you heard of flipping time space, and somehow calling it space time? With the third eye or pineal gland? That’s basically what precognition is. It’s not really defying the order. It’s more a realization of the mutability of it,… Seek More

Vista of Time Space

Now on the subject of “Oracles Time”, divination is more like a map than a clock. All forms of divination fit this description as loose as it is. In the regular view of time, it moves sort of like a… Seek More

Time Spread

The Greeks had two notions of time, two words for time, one quantitative and the other qualitative. Chronos is the Greek word for quantitative time, the measure of times apparent progression. Kairos is the Greek word for qualitative time, the… Seek More

Ocean Of Time

As time spreads, you get a web of time space bubbles forming into clumps that some call an event matrix or probability matrix, and perhaps like a clump of soap bubbles, the various energies play out. So finally one bubble… Seek More

Points of Kairos

Kairos is the force of cross-temporal gravity, and to use tarot as a metaphor, in neighboring universes the tarot imagery would present itself in negative relief sort of like a photographic negative. Here we have the death card. In a… Seek More

Flow Of Time Energy

Is it easier to predict future events the closer they come? It is easier to predict future events the closer you come to them. Your state of being can resonate with them. There is no space between the event and… Seek More

Gestating You

If we can perceive our pattern in time, can we go anywhere on our pattern and change it by our believing? With the necessary energy, yes. With the energy people typically consider will, no. No amount of biological strain can… Seek More