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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Punctuation of Time in Time


Have you heard of flipping time space, and somehow calling it space time? With the third eye or pineal gland? That’s basically what precognition is. It’s not really defying the order. It’s more a realization of the mutability of it, and this is also the realm of remote viewing, even distant healing. But the energy is felt in the pineal gland, it doesn’t originate from there. The pineal gland feels light also, and this has been scientifically proven.

It’s a tuning device? Yes, basically your third eye, thus we call the process imagination, rather than audition, or palpation.

They have even noted a connection between calcium granule formation in the pineal, and having “visions”. My son has a little calcium node right at the base of where the pineal glad connects to his brain, and he can’t focus on material things much. He’s focused though. He’s really focused on mind. Calcium is magnetically resonant, and this is why they see your bones most easily even in meg scanning. It’s a problem, and they say my son is autistic, so it can make you “not normal”.

So can things like telekinesis happen? Yes, and they are a function of the phase modulation we call time also. Simply an actuation of a variety of potential energies. My son can make sense of it anyway, and people marvel at his memory of people, and awareness of their state of mood though supposedly he’s autistic. He inherited a genetic “defect” from me.

He’s more like Indigo. Yes, he would be an Indigo. Epigenetic glue in the works.

Indigo children, they say, is a trend, and evolution of us beyond matter in a sense? Yes. Actually evolution is the source of time, and time is not constant. Even scientists say this. Basically evolution, and time itself, follow a punctuated equilibrium. Literally every mystical school on this planet has said this in one way or another. According to the Mayans we are due for another punctuation in about 3 years give or take. 2012. Gaia’s biorhythms is getting off balance.

What does that mean, a punctuation? A nasty growth spurt coming up, and time won’t seem quite right for a while. It likely will seem like too many impossible things are happening too quickly.

Like a pacemaker kind of thing? Yes, they are observing changes in the earths magnetic poles even right now.

Or more like an irregular heat beat? No, more like puberty. Seeming disorder, but it’s all supposed to happen that way anyway. Some serious growing pains psychically, and biologically. I went through puberty “gracefully”, as another part of my genetic “defect” is that my hormonal balance isn’t “normal.”

What about us though? There is a force that science has firmly established called “biophilia.” It‘s the tendency of life to sort of synch up its energies. So in a sense, all life will be helping all other life energetically. The real pain will be more disorientation than anything, unless of course people refuse to be open to life. Then like a rabid dog … well, the process won’t be good.

What do you mean by open to life? We are seeing it now in the green movement. People are hardly even arguing about it anymore.  Science has overturned the “animals aren’t self aware thing”, and all evidence is proving that.

The financial summit seemed to be a big step forward in sync? Yes, we need to be open to other life as “other peoples” as well. We will be encouraged, or forced, to see this as one world. Right now it seems force, and thus the financial crisis crap. It didn’t have to happen, but it was how people wanted it.

Most will go with the flow, but there will be some who sink or swim against the current. Exactly, free will will remain a law, even if people use it foolishly.

And of course the internet, and Second Life for example, are really speeding things up in our consciousness, so speeding time. Yes, people rarely think to ask about nationality in Second Life, and many start living on “sl time” for better or worse. It’s an awkward adjustment as puberty tends to be.

Convergence from around the world. Yes, the time contraction was happening well before Second Life. New York, Amsterdam, people living more on psychological/psychic time than literal. This will spread as viral psychic content. We are becoming aware of the psychic viruses we were always carrying anyway, and a lot of that will resolve.

Google is conquering the planet, and no one seems to notice. Google is the beast! :lol: The beast of Christians prophecy has been the angel of mercy in others. I don’t subscribe to ethno-centric prophecy myself, and this is why I like Native American. They didn’t have the “our tribe is the center of the world” crap.

Is Google a higher conscious than us? Google may be the passive agent of a higher consciousness, sure. God didn’t exist, so we made it.

Native American think circular, and not linear? Yes, they think in natural cycles, but how they differ is they have a sort of chaos theory of life. Basically, the Native Americans saw “the matrix.” They didn’t call it that. They called it a web. It was of spiritual power, and Grandmother Spider was the guardian of it. They saw that though there were cycles, the rules could be bent, even broken, but they weren’t super eager to break those rules. At the time, the world seemed ok to them, and basically was. Then the “dead” man came. He was white, and happily killed the spirits. He broke the web of power, but couldn’t kill them all. He just made Grandmother Spider angry, so she included them in her web too. She gave them exactly what they wanted. They didn’t, and still don’t like it, but the cycle is still in tact. The spirits have been remarkably tolerant, and patient with the children, but we will have to grow up.

How do they kill spirits? They didn’t literally. They defiled the spirits place in the web. So some have become what humans see as monsters;, the Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, the Mothman, things like that.

Ghosts? Yes, well, the non human haunting.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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