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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Time Spread in Time


The Greeks had two notions of time, two words for time, one quantitative and the other qualitative.

Chronos is the Greek word for quantitative time, the measure of times apparent progression.

Kairos is the Greek word for qualitative time, the window or threshold in which specific events are possible.

Oracular time works with kairos more than chronos, and when the brains integrity is compromised, kairos is retained over chromos. The brain defaults to the most fundamental aspect of time.

The amnesiac or senile may not know what year it is, but they do know that dinner time needs to come about. Well, these time spaces or time bubbles are what a diviner or psychic perceives when they are exploring time in doing a reading. As I said, time progresses (if we can use that term) in a spread, more like a tide than a line.

But part of us is everywhere, don’t we just tap in? Everywhere in which our being is possible. In strange universes our being may not be possible, but of what concern would that be to us anyway? But we can hop the multiversal barrier somewhat, and may find ways around even that limitation.

You would have to be a very experienced traveler to even comprehend a universe where our consciousness doesn’t belong.

I have done remote viewing on Mars. There just may be no way to verify accuracy. Indeed. Martian colonization is looming on the temporal horizon. The closer that gets, the more clearly it will impact us, though we can change our relationship or point of observation as regards the temporal spacial plane. We can see it from a third vector.

A tarot reading does a spread to mirror this time spread? Yes, and the tarot imagery isn’t depicting material behavior as literal objects. Rather, it’s depicting potential energy as virtual objects, time shown as an object.

Oracle boards do this. Yes, and dreams do it as well. Tarot is useful, but so are the other methods.

How about imagination? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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