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What loneliness stems from is an error in the development of a sense of identity.

Vista of Time Space in Time


Now on the subject of “Oracles Time”, divination is more like a map than a clock. All forms of divination fit this description as loose as it is. In the regular view of time, it moves sort of like a pathway. It follows an apparently linear progression and doesn’t seem to have a lot of rhyme or reason connecting the various events.

Now reality actually functions in a remarkably unitary fashion. No perception of any real split seems to be able to stand up to scrutiny, not atoms and not moments. But like subatomic particles, the continuum spreads “fast” enough that it appears to ignore time.

We can tell something is real, as it fits the unity? Indeed. The unreal has a quality of incongruity which is why many of our thoughts seem so unreal. Oracular time could be called universal time, which is one and the same thing as universal space.

Are you talking about non-local time? You mean like space/time? I am. The spread of the time space continuum has an event horizon, a point at which probability seems to phase out. Now there is a margin that does give rise to what we interpret as linear time.

Time is relative to a frame of reference, but ‘universal’ time would have to be able to transcend normal time and space constraints. It does, but that is beyond the analysis we will be discussing in the subject of “Oracles Time”.

We don’t have the same time as they would on Alpha Centauri, but we would share a frame of reference by projecting the mind. And these shared frames of reference turn up across divinatory methods. This is perhaps why people say time follows cycles, like genes, reproducing time events do so as well, each having characteristics distinguishable from other potential events. Time moves out as a wave, a sort of spread, and time events form ripples in this wave, interference patterns that merge at various points in space. Where these time events come together in the appropriate way, we experience the actualization of an event.

So time moves like light? It does, indeed. It tends to exceed light though, and is a by-product of energy more than an energy itself.

Time is a ripple of energy? Time is a ripple of a temporal singularity. Events actualize in a pattern of pulses. Time is what makes matter seem to operate on different frequencies, wavelengths. Time and wavelength are the same thing, though time includes all wavelengths.

Now there is a sort of halo effect that defines our own domains time space curvature. A barrier beyond which events begin to lose coherence. This barrier is the defining force behind all events inside that bubble. It sets up a sort of isomorphic algorithm. An isomorphic algorithm arises whenever definitions are instated for any information. Every time you define what something is, you reserve data to allow for what it is not.

Like a membrane keeping time ordered and going in the same direction inside the bubble? Yes. So the oracles practices or state of consciousness navigate this vista of time space.

Physicists are trying to figure out why time doesn’t go backwards. It doesn’t go backwards because it goes sideways. There is a recursive echo between membranes of time space, a resonance or reverberation. The behavior of one membrane cancels out that potential in its neighboring membrane, and this does create contours in our temporal plane. Just as water runs down a hill, energy runs along the low ground of the temporal geography.

Is this how particles are ‘entangled’? i.e. One particle knows what another one is doing at a distance. They are connected in this membrane? Yes. The folds or partitions that make time seem progressive.

Is this how remote viewing of events at a different time works? The person tunes into the wavelength of time? Indeed. We do have a natural sense of even temporal geography, and remote viewing uses what we could call oracle’s time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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