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Time Space Structure in Star Nations

Star Nations

How many of you have seen a figure in your dreams that you could not make out? That gave the inescapable impression of being totally independent of your mental function? We see dream characters all the time. We all to some degree know them for what they are.

Are you referring to thought forms or other? I am referring to psionic entities. More advanced and stable than thought forms, and for all intents and purposes immortal for their capacity to persist.

There are pockets in the implicate structure of the multiverse itself (humans have called these dimensions by many names) that are more or less vast bubbles of psychic energy. Sort of like the q-continuum of Star Trek. In Cabala, these are called Sephiroth. In Norse belief, they were the worlds of the world tree. The world tree itself being the structure of the implicate order. It’s been mapped in a lot of ways. Perhaps the most common being the divine mountain/dark pit model. Just bubbles in the structure of time space and a-temporal in their nature.

The Star Nations haven’t been hiding on other planets, though plenty do live elsewhere. The happy hunting ground of the Native Americans is a psychic echo of earth in the implicate order, and very real.

As for the actual potential practice of star travel, well… We have to start where we are. We actually have to start in the dimensional node that corresponds to our earth. It’s a hyperspatial complex, like a big knot of mirroring images of earth.

A fun house of mirrors? Exactly. Thus the universal symbolism of mirrors in earth metaphysics as well.

Then we have to gain enough energy to begin seeing earth in a stage closer to the zero point. This makes the fun house images blur into one image, but you wouldn’t recognize it as earth. It would appear as a big ball of auras. The great light that people report in near death experiences. You don’t go to another planet when you die. You go more deeply into this one, and yes, you are very welcome. Seen as equal to all life in the earth node. You only sink into a nightmare state if you insist on it, if you need to.

Once you are in resonance with the earth as the hyperspatial node that it is, you begin to get oriented. The other planets in our solar system have their own points in the same sector as earth. Now it’s not absolutely necessary to bother with these neighbouring nodes, but most species do. It’s sort of an issue of pride. People like to be home and get to know their home town very well. In part, because when you reach the point where you actually perceive the veil (the time space barrier), you begin to get a bit intimidated. It’s a vast multiverse, and it can be quite shocking to realize that it’s not structured like your local sector.

Every species basically uses this method, with a technological assist or not, but you cannot break the time space barrier until you can contain it inside yourself. If you are remarkably successful with that, well… You wind up evolving into something that doesn’t need to exist in this way, which actually normally takes a very long time. Most of the Star Nations haven’t actually done that yet, but there is a reason they have taught humans the “mysteries” or mystical secrets. From their point of view, that’s the starting point and not really so mystical.

Anyone want to call nonsense on this? I don’t hope to regale you with comic book crap. Have you heard the term Space Ship Earth? A great many Star Nations don’t bother making space craft, for the simple reason that every celestial body exists in a bubble of time space that is porous. Our gravity well isn’t self contained, nor is it devoid of time space singularities. Gates out of our dimensional field. Perhaps the most famous being the Bermuda triangle, but there are actually quite a few others. There have been some cultures on this planet that have either had a punctuated leap in their own bloodlines, or who have been receptive enough to cooperate peacefully with being evacuated off the planet.

They have seeded various planets with select samples of humanity for a while now. When humanity was still in its child stage and not the vicious mal-adjusted adolescence it is in now. This is why they are now orchestrating what amounts to a rite of passage. As aberrant and ugly as our current state is, it has a great deal of potential, and there is no intention to let that be lost if it can be helped. So a case of breaking the child to release the adult. Not normally necessary, but we are where we are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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