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There is the capacity to focus awareness, which is focusing energy, which is shaping creation.

Change Your Questions in Boredom


Ever feel like you have no ideas?

Yes. I feel I have no new ideas. You have all ideas. In fact, you have an endless supply of new ideas. No thinker has ever stopped thinking. You have just stopped asking. When you were a child, how did you learn things?

By watching and listening, asking and sensing. Did you confine your asking to humans? Do you now? If not then good. But are you asking “the questions” or are you asking your questions? Were your childhood questions YOUR questions?

They were not your questions. At that time you didn’t own them. This is why you asked them so freely. They were just the questions. They arose from what you were seeing, what you were doing, from the moment. You didn’t make up the questions, but you do now.

Will I be rich? Am I really loved? Why me? These are all made up questions. People fear for their health, but fail to notice that they are not sick now. They fear for their security, but fail to realize that they are as secure or insecure as they ever were. They fear possible insincerity, and fail to realize that their doubts come from their own mistaken notions of honesty. My cat is honestly a cat. A snake is honestly a snake. An infant is honestly an infant. Am I really loved? This is a made up question. Are you still interested in your habitual questions?

We assume answers to those questions so we get bored? Indeed. Want to cease being bored? Don’t change your world. Change your questions. To speak for myself, I find my personal questions boring as hell.

Mostly, they have no answers anyway. Indeed. They have no answers because they have half a truth at best.

What would be a not made up question? Give me a situation and I will give you a real question, or give me an object. The computer. Ok. Questions about a computer. How did someone create a computer? What can you do with computers? What will computers become in the future? What were computers before?

Objective and not subjective. Yes. Questions? Every object is questionable. Everything you think is an object is questionable. Everything you object to is questionable.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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