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Death is no violation of life. We experience little deaths all through life. Death feeds life, and life death, because they aren’t really separate.

World of Echoes in Boredom


I will ask you this. Can I deny myself freedom and really allow you freedom?

Can you give what you don’t have? No, you cannot. If I know all about you, if I can supposedly read you like a book, have I given you any freedom? Can I give you any freedom?

No, and you’ve just described a lot of relationships unfortunately. But all of reality is relationships. If I am standing in front of a door, I am not in the same place as if I am behind the door.

You can’t give or take anything from another soul, they make their own choices. You can take presence. You can deny attention.

Well, they don’t need to worry about that. No. They focus their attention somewhere else. They can, but they will still feel the weight of your rigidity. The more people who act like that, the greater the weight of the human world becomes. Doesn’t our human world right now feel like a fat man sitting on our shoulders?

We feel like that when we lose someone’s presence to death too. When we think that we lose their presence to death, we have decided it’s better the devil we know. How has he been treating us?

But we never truly loose another’s presence, have we? Even without going into a discussion of the afterlife, people leave something more than the biological mess of their bodies. They leave an imprint. It includes memory, but goes even farther than memory.

Perhaps an interesting question. If part of your mental energy is taken up with memories of me, is that your energy or mine? If it’s your energy, how does it differ from the energy that made up my body?

Isn’t all energy, energy? It is all just energy. Even the energy of having gone someplace or spoken to someone. Words said can never be unsaid, and how does that energy of sound really differ from the energy of my consciousness?

I heard a Native American say they welcome tourists because they give them a part of their spirit and energy. It builds their spirit. We share a spirit. If you want to know where this is, it’s what makes you think there is any such thing as reality, any such thing as being alive, and we have the potential to do anything that has been done. But that doesn’t mean that is what we should actualize. Act upon. We live in a world of echoes. It’s all echoes, and all echoes are memories.

My point for all this esoteric stuff is this. There is no wall.

What are the memories in energy? The memories are spirits. They aren’t stagnant. They are just agreeable. They remain to help us. That apple is agreeable to being eaten, or agreeable to teaching you something with an upset stomach. It’s all a part of the same thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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