Life is an unsolved riddle only to the degree that you haven’t yet realized yourself to be the answer.

What We Assume in Boredom


What is boredom, friends?

A state where nothing looks interesting.

Lack of creativity.

A feeling of not being engaged.


All linked together, boredom is the assumption that everything is what we assume it to be. That is the definition I will be working with. Has anyone met someone who has a perfect grasp on reality?

Yes, but they are crazy.

I’ve met a few who think they do.

Indeed, and those few who think they do, are they engaged? Ever meet a really productive crazy person?

I don’t know, by appearance maybe.

They appear jaded.

Nobody has a real grasp of reality. This is all inclusive. The simple reason is that no matter how intelligent or perceptive a person is, they still have limits to their sensitivity and comprehension. If anything, is it not so that highly intelligent people are often the most prone to boredom?

That’s true. Animals are not bored. Indeed. Our cat right now is busy lazing about, but he is never really bored. They can get restless, but that is not the same as boredom.

So what do you do, friends, when you are bored?


Play chess on my computer.

Go swimming.

Truly bored… I sleep.

Alas poor reality, I knew him well Horatio. In dreams, we are never bored. Ever have a really boring daydream?

No. If they were, there’d be no point.

I think people with active imaginations rarely get bored.

You can have really boring thinking, but no boring daydreaming. Why is this?

Daydreaming isn’t the so called ‘reality’?

Your daydreaming has no boundaries.

Awake thought you attempt to control.

You control by assuming. This is perhaps why they call it assuming control. You endorse what you may have mistaken for genuine perceptions when all they are is habitual thoughts. Your mind cannot tell the difference between reality and something vividly imagined, and your life as you know it is the most vividly imagined fiction possible.

When we have one of those moments where we are entirely in the moment, what do we think we know?

You don’t think like that then, you just “are”.

You aren’t even thinking.

When you say I know, you are actually saying I have a habit of.

So if I’m not trying to control, I will not be bored? Well, that’s a first step, yes. But the actual reality always offers more. We are meant to be receptive creatures, connected to events around us, engaged in self-expression and learning, or comprehension. Do we have to make effort to do these things? 

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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