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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Owning ‘The Talker’ in Fatalism


I take people’s ideas when I should be giving ideas.

You take them and digest them. Yes, and though this is a part of my natural process, it isn’t the goal. It isn’t my goal. My goal is to affect change. I want to ask people to do things, but I don’t. I do mean ask, I have no desire to tell.

The reason I want to ask people to do things is because I see the degree of truth in what I am talking about based on what they do or don’t do. It provides feedback. I trust other people’s perceptions and insight just as much as I trust my own, and I do trust my own perception and insight. Not necessarily thinking, though I know good thinkers also. Since people don’t control their perception, it’s often very clear. Since they don’t control their intuition, what it reveals to them is often genuine. This is why I want it. They will ignore it.

You slurp up what they throw away. Yes, because it forms the picture I understand. It creates my world.

Like an animal that slurps up waste and regurgitates it to create a nest. Yes. All matter is waste and all waste matters. It’s also called life. People say they didn’t ask to be alive. Which is fine, it doesn’t matter if they asked, they can decide how it will all go.

By owning it, you can control it? Yes. By disowning it, it controls you. People aren’t being mean. The world isn’t cruel. There is just very little listening, so only screechy music.

When people commit suicide, they are doing the opposite of what they intend? Or so it seems at times. Yes. They will experience the opposite of what they intend as well.

What will they experience? Suffering. They think they experience suffering, and they want to disown it.

Your state goes with you? Yes. You can suffer the way you are told, or you can suffer the way you decide. But if you are suffering the way you decide, is it suffering?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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