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Thought creates. All creation is revelation.

Allow Yourself in Boredom


Who are the most reasonable people? Are unreasonable people prone to boredom?

Those who allow themselves everything? If they allow themselves everything, will they be seen as reasonable by others?

No. Though they will be to you, if you’re asking something of them for yourself. But people stop short. If you are going to allow yourself everything, that doesn’t mean just resources. Resources without life are what?

A big bank account? Ash. Waste. Decaying material. Without life it’s just lumps of matter. What gives a resource meaning is what use we put it to. Would someone who allows themselves everything ever be bored? And I mean literally everything. In Taoism, they say the sage owns nothing and therefore has everything.

If I allow myself everything, then I have to allow myself family. I have to allow myself friends. I have to allow myself plants and animals. I have to allow myself compassion, empathy, concern. I have to allow myself freedom.

What is so bad with that? There is nothing bad about that. So why do people stop short?

So you can never truly allow yourself everything? Actually, you can.

We get hung up on ‘deserving’. You can never deserve anything. I define the word deserve as “de-serve” and no matter what, you will serve some purpose, have some impact. You have meaning of your very nature.

But you do have limits. You have to allow yourselves those too. You can’t be everywhere. You can’t be with everyone.

Our human part can’t. True. There are higher parts to human nature, but these higher parts also don’t get bored. You get bored when you get out of synch.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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