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Absolutist thinking is a vicious falsehood, creates only confusion.

Body Politic in Boredom


Unfortunately, I’ve learned not to tell many people when I want to do something new. They’re usually judgemental. Yes. Well trained cattle are obedient cattle. Our society truly is a body politic. It acts just like a body.

Ever notice a pack alpha has a rather erratic pattern of behavior, in animals at least?

It’s a lot of stress being the alpha. A lot of confidence also. They do as they please.

It protects the pack. He keeps the pack from atrophy? Indeed, it is what keeps them strong, but it also strengthens the pack. Having to deal with the spontaneous behavior of their leader stimulates them as well, introduces novelty. It keeps them vigilant in responding to their environment. But how do we treat these kinds among humans?

It happens the same with political leaders, and we vote them out of office. Humans have become intolerant. It is a sort of spiritual frailty. Like that little kid everyone has pity for because they seem to be allergic to everything. They have no choices.

We give them huge tax breaks. Yes. Human brains are selfish organs, and human leaders act like human brains. They take most of the body politics resources. But I assure you, they will do everything to make sure you remain productive. They will be absolutely sure you will still work, and you get bored.

The alpha mind and in our place? Modern politicians don’t actually have an alpha mind. They have the mind of a specimen they would call the gamma male. They will curry whatever favor possible. They snivel and bark to make certain we remain afraid.

But there is an alpha at the head of these politicians isn’t there? There is no alpha. The pack is sick, parasite ridden, diseased, and one of the fattest parasites is the medical industry.

Can we shoot them and put them out of our misery? Probably not. Unfortunately, no, but they can be stripped of context. They can be stripped of meaning. Their position rendered meaningless.

What has caused them to be like this? We are bored when we think we are unimportant, our choices unimportant. What has caused the mind to do this is veneration of the golden calf, the bull market, the dead alpha.

Money has become the alpha? Money and false doctrines. Money and self-serving perversions of human wisdom.

So we get rid of money? We don’t have to do anything to money. What if people decided to live in communities of mutual interest and support? Where they agree to give resources to those things they want to see advance? Money used to buy resources. What if we deal only in resources?

Aren’t the entrepreneur’s alphas? Donald Trump and others? They can be. They have vestiges of the alpha potential, but they are living half-truths. The true alpha claims the herd. They do not claim the money in place of the herd.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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