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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Ocean Of Time in Time


As time spreads, you get a web of time space bubbles forming into clumps that some call an event matrix or probability matrix, and perhaps like a clump of soap bubbles, the various energies play out. So finally one bubble remains before even that one seems to collapse, only to fold itself into the next event. The ocean of time foams, just like our oceans tides.

What makes one bubble remain and the others collapse? Both the energies in our universe and the resonance from neighboring universes. Ever notice that a pile of bubbles will collapse faster if you vibrate the surface it is on? Sort of like the zero point resonance that occurs between two sheets of metal when they are sufficiently close, the two sheets of metal will begin to vibrate subtly. Membranes of time vibrate when they come closer together.

The word kairos is also used to mean weather, a sort of zeitgeist or spirit of a span of time. Each section of time has its own tone, and the sound it makes affects other membranes, drawing them closer or pushing them away. In the moments where a small section of our time space is touching another membrane, we begin to experience things like deja vu, precognition, even hauntings and alien sightings.

The metal reminds me of string theory. Apt connection.

Everyone familiar with holography? A holograph is possible when the medium you are making the image on is capable of recording and redisplaying the image of an object from all points of view around the object. When you look at one of those holographic pictures, ever minute section of the film carries all points of view on that object, because ever part of the coherent light used to photograph the object carried the whole picture. Now admittedly this is a lose explanation, but perhaps it will serve.

Time behaves like this. Each small moment of time shows every possible event that could have occurred in that moment. Let’s say these moments are bubbles, one for each event, each person represents one set of possible events or one bubble. But every event that actually happens includes multiple people each with their own web of time lines or bubble. Sort of like the strings present in a fissioning organic cell, the symbiosis struck by all these cells, all these bubbles in the event matrix, largely shapes the unfolding of the actual event. The virtual event is readable before the actual event occurs, and it’s readable from the presence of the persons or agents evolved even if their influence is non-local.

This reminds me of the idea that every person is the center of their universe. This is true from a time perspective? It is true, yes, but there is also an encompassing field around these mini-universes, and a plane along which these mini-universes move.

Otherwise there would be mass collisions? Chaos? Chaos is the space between, and didn’t originally have such a negative connotation. You could call the non-event horizon the domain of Nox. Nox was the Greek goddess of darkness/night. We gave rise to the titans who would give rise to the gods.

Chaos has its own organization. It does indeed.

Is this the pregnant void? Yes, turbulent also.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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