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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

Flow Of Time Energy in Time


Is it easier to predict future events the closer they come? It is easier to predict future events the closer you come to them. Your state of being can resonate with them. There is no space between the event and you, but there is a difference in your “sound” or state of being, and the state of being that will bring that event about. This is why prophets and oracles are often drawn to the general location of the event before it happens.

What about the notion that one can read the future for another person, but there are holes in what they are able to see of their own future. Is that true? There is an iris around the reader, regarding themselves, created by the well of their own energy. It’s how we affect the flow of time energy. But it can make perception of these things, as they relate to us, challenging. Like looking at an object when it’s magnified too high. We tend to call this magnification, imagination or intention, same thing. It is hard to intend something and perceive it at the same time, and we instinctively default to intention as we need to in order to function and live our lives. You aren’t making up the event you intend, you are looking at the energy that is building around it.

Yet you have to perceive something to make it happen, don’t you? You do have to perceive something to actuate it. We can’t move our leg, if we can’t feel our leg. We can’t move our time based body, if we can’t frame the energy.

Perhaps when we do see our future, it’s because we are seeing it from another person’s “bubble”? That is possible. It can even happen unintentionally. Artists do it rather commonly without knowing they are. If it’s too clear, it scrambles our instinct. We will perceive it to have happened. This is the essence of the siddhis as they are called in yoga tradition, instantaneous manifestation, but that does do us some harm in the long run. It creates repetitive stress injuries in our time body. They call this karma. When we reincarnate, we shed our organic body, but retain the time body. Rupert Sheldrake called it a morphic unit. The energies, that fed the probability of you existing, grow as they build up more energy.

Is this the DNA? DNA is part of it, yes. When the possibility of something like you existing is unstable, you get genetic mutation. But as each being happens, so to speak, the possibility that a being like that will happen again increases. It picks up speed along the time plane and establishes a path or vector across the broader field of time. Your essence continues to flow along this path like a river bed.

Now, choice windows occur infinitely. At all points along this path, from life to life, as well as time to time, and these can reshape the river bed the same as a large boulder will temporarily block a stream until it flows around it. We just attempt to freeze parts of the stream, then wonder why they float off.

Is it like our energy pattern, this stream? Yes. Our consciousness? Yes.

And it is always being influenced by everything else? Yes, and by things that “don’t exist”.

Things that don’t exist in our field of energy? Yes.

You choose what to let influence your pattern to change your pattern? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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