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In the fight for social justice, society and justice are lost.

Destruction of Doubt in Doubt


Doubt is so subtle, and yet so very fully destructive. The subtlety makes it sneaky, and it doesn’t stay to one thing. It sits on your shoulder squawking, and the more it squawks the worse it builds. It can fowl even pleasant things. Then we can over react to the situation. But I actually think that over reaction should be to a degree permitted, because it pulls you out. However doubt seems safe, so we are denied even catharsis.

Over reaction from doubt can lead to the wrong action, but if you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, which will you learn from? Doubt can be lessened with preparation, and that takes action, engagement, and participation rather than rationalizations for why you shouldn’t. Doubt causes inaction, and that’s why it’s so damaging. Even if doubt makes you hesitate to speak, silence is often assent, or rejection, and you can’t blame the listener can you?

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Doubt isn’t knowing, nor is ignorance doubt. The ignorant often don’t doubt. Doubt makes your efforts reserved, and this is also what makes people think that they can “not try hard enough”.  Doubt is not perception, and perception doesn’t give you doubt. Perception just gives knowledge that you can then choose from.

People rush, and rushing doesn’t stem from certainty. It stems from doubt if something is correct and worth doing. Like swallowing medicine quickly so they won’t taste it. This is why they seem to not have intuition. They have it, but they won’t stop rushing.  It’s doubt, or you would just know you shouldn’t do it, because it would have consequences you wouldn’t want. You wouldn’t be on the fence, and it’s not really a fence. It’s more like one of Vlads impaling spikes, a slow death.  If you aren’t freed from it, it can lead to depression.

Even when you do something and say “Why the hell did I do that?”, it’s still not really depressing is it? Not by itself. Doubt retards learning. He or she who hesitates is lost, and as much as he or she rushes, people forget there is a third point. Life moves all on its own. When you feel the tension of doubt, that’s life acting on you, and you are not meant to be an object.

Doubt is destructive. It’s a conditioned style of thinking, and not at all nurturing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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