Articles containing "Doubt"

Mind and Ego


The language gets sketchy. Is mind thinking? Isn’t thinking just an action? Awareness goes beyond thinking. The mind as we know it comes after, not before. It’s automatic and it’s why people get so tripped up. They are told to… Seek More

Spiritual Practice

One paradox is that expectations are an interference with genuine practice, like meditation. One quote is, “A true practitioner has an absence of expectation and doubt.” Lama Dodjum Dorjee. So we have this paradox. We are attempting to do something… Seek More

Doubt in Life


Lately, I have been dealing with the affects of doubt in my life. So the topic today is the impact on doubt in the process of meditation. Doubt is a very common process. We are brought up to engage in… Seek More

Why Not?


Science has now proved it to be a fact that distance doesn’t seem to matter for “like affects like.” Yet some people hesitate to link quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement with spirituality. They are both difficult subjects. All science was at… Seek More

Power of Ability


Ego thinks ‘I do’ and that by virtue of ‘myself‘ I must do everything. Thought is not self. Thought is process and we are “created in gods image”. All powerful. Which means we have the power of ability to do… Seek More

Focus Determines Reality


Focus determines your reality. Your reality is more than what you see with your eyes. Can you recall a time when you really only had one thing on your mind? When you’re doing a task that you’re really absorbed in? Have… Seek More

Names of Satan


How did Satan as a figure get into the Christian story? It stems from a schism in Semitic faiths, and the catholic or “universalist” agenda of early Christianity. This schism in Semitic faiths echoed even in Egyptian religion. This is… Seek More

Questioning Spiritual Paths


People doubt the overblown concepts, sensationalized belief systems, and I don’t think that’s bad. Spirituality should be just as subject to testing and evaluation as science and technology are. If there isn’t any readily available wisdom that you can apply… Seek More

Fear, Fear, Fear


Fear, fear, fear. Seems it is all fear. Of what use is fear? If you identify threat clearly then it is useful, but in my experience in more general things, it doesn’t do that. It helps the powers that be keep… Seek More

Questions from Questing


Questions come from quest, from seeking, not identifying what we disengage from and don’t believe in. We question based on what we believe might be true. Perhaps we know nothing at all, and all our knowing is just self expression.… Seek More