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Change is subatomic. I break your nucleic bond and smile. Change is minute. There are no big changes. Never anything big. Just a bunch of small things we eventually notice.

You Can Play in Hate


The idea of ‘that is me’… I have an idea of who I am, and honestly it’s not a very interesting idea. It isn’t very fun, so since I like interesting ideas and fun, I look around. Where am I now really? Do I know everything about what is here? What can I do here?

In a box? Oh, I’m in a box sure, and I can be on the box too, or I can put the box on me. I am always free when I’m aware that I am free.

Kids know how to play with a box. They know how to play with anything for as long as they are allowed, and they play with everything. Self image, role, others, is there really anything a child won’t play with if permitted? Well, we have learned some things that are true, don’t play with stoves, don’t play with guns, and even those aren’t absolutely true. Some people still play with them, but hopefully in a less dangerous way. Is there some reason we should not play?

Maybe we learned hate when someone told us we couldn’t play. A lot of emotional scars people have come from being told simply that. We won’t play with you, or you can’t play with us. When play is invited do we covet what we are playing with? Do we keep our toys to ourselves? When we are told we can’t play, then do we seek to posses the object of play? Restrict it as it was restricted for us? Haven’t we grown up from that yet? I don’t think we need to teach our children to share their toys. This puts the cart before the horse, and we should teach our children how to play with others. It isn’t about stuff. Money isn’t the root of all evil, and people often misquote from the Bible.  Love of money is the root of all evil. Money is just money, stuff is just stuff.

This could be the root evil of materialism, we were told we can’t play? Seems really that simple to me.

Money is the root of all stuff purchased legally? Indeed, honestly illegally too. It’s still the intention that matters.

If we were told we could play, we’d leave the locks off our stuff. Indeed, there wouldn’t be a need for locks. You could go, and do, and play, and be welcomed, and welcome others. Eat together, protect each other, and all because you are playing. You can’t have someone hurt, because it would ruin the play. We would form couples as we do now, and teach our children to play, and maybe the couples would just be couples rather than one being the Daddy and one the Mommy. Maybe there would be many Daddies, and many Mommies, and just love in general? Is there any evil in this?

It is nature. It is life. That life is the root of our life. Why do we cut ourselves off at the root? Hate is cutting. The most hateful is the deepest cut, closest to the root. I prefer not to cut. It is much too much work. I didn’t weed my garden when I had one, it still stayed very green. Roots run deep, as do still waters, but flow is a part of it also, so now flow calls me away.

Namaste, even to the parts of you you didn’t like.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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