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Most of peoples impulses are right.

Re-Member Your Soul in Past Lives

Past Lives

Ever wonder why your life circumstances respond to your will at all? Why can you affect anything? Change anything? You can only control yourself, and you are present in all your conditions. You can choose cheeseburgers or hot dogs because a part of your soul is present in the existence of cheeseburgers and hotdogs. Realize that and you can re-member your own soul, and rediscover your true will, your spiritual voice.

Green socks or red socks may seem absurd, perhaps meaningless, but it is not. Nothing is, and to take the sock color issue further, if you cannot find argyle socks when you go looking for them, that is your soul in action also.

I am the salt. It is part of me, and therefore I can control it. Exactly. It is perhaps easier to start with the little bits first, but then again maybe not. Some people begin the process of renewal in this life with a big discovery of some part of their soul, and the other little bits sort of collect around that, but does this happen very often?

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So you may be hiding the socks from yourself? Yes. You hide the socks from yourself. You hide your car keys from yourself. You do a lot of strange things, but there is a reason, and it is possible to find understanding beneath this. You can start with listening. Notice how commonly people talk to stuff? They are talking to themselves just as everyone says they are, but what they fail to understand is that there is something to listen to. It isn’t insane to talk to yourself. Insanity is not listening to yourself, or not recognizing yourself when you see it in the world.

Can I talk to a past me or a future me? Yes. You tend to talk to immediate future versions of yourself when making a decision. This is why the ideas you get while you are planning something seem to come to you all by themselves.

Is synchronicity communication between selves? It is, yes. Your soul talks not in words, but in events, conditions. If it seems cranky, it is perhaps because there is some misunderstanding between you and yourself.

Now this hyper self can be interacted with by other beings. From time to time you do experience some outside interaction. You can tell when it’s a spirit different from yourself trying to communicate with you. For one reason, it doesn’t recognize the self you understand you to be right now.

Interesting that the soul can communicate with your consciousness in a non-serial fashion, not in a sequence of thoughts or ideas. That the whole concept can be dropped into your consciousness complete. Words can be a troublesome contrivance. What we might call angelic beings often prefer to avoid messing with words. Instead, they will give you a crow stealing your sandwich off the picnic table.

So many different languages. It’s easier to deal in pictures and actions. Exactly.

My dog did that. They can work with pets also, though sometimes that is just the being that your pet is. They have a great deal of their own wisdom to share with us.

Like Daemon walking on your keyboard. Yes. Daemon is my cat.

Daemon was pawing at our rune bag on the top of the bookshelf so we figured a reading was in order. Yes. He helps. He can be very focused for a while, but tends to be impatient.

Give animals a means to communicate and they will. This works sort of like what they do with autistic children in some groups. A keyboard and a little help and you can be surprised what they will communicate. Eventually, they start finding ways to communicate on their own once they figure out it works. This relates to tonight’s topic along the lines of metempsychosis or transmigration of souls. They get to new places spiritually also.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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