'Past Lives' Chapter

Past Lives

The soul is a coherant energy pattern utilizing multiple forms of energy. When its bond with the body ends, it doesn’t travel to some other space. It shifts its amplitude and modulation, slipping into a non-local “potential energy” state until it actualizes again, or establishes a different relationship with the energies of the universe itself.

This potential energy state is perhaps more like dreaming than normal waking biological consciousness, though it’s lucid and time and space are irrelevant in that state.

“Reincarnation is not an exclusively Hindu or Buddhist concept, but it is part of the history of human origin. It is proof of the mindstream’s capacity to retain knowledge of physical and mental activities. It is related to the theory of interdependent origination and to the law of cause and effect.” The Dalai Lama (from the Preface to “The Case for Reincarnation”)


I will discuss the metaphysical aspects of reincarnation. Even in the modern creed of science they state that energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can only change form. Every element in our bodies, as well as the energies… Seek More

A Song to Create

How did we choose our life? We were born from it. Sort of like the creation myths of world religions, we are literally the avatars or embodiments of those intents. Our souls choose when they want to come back to… Seek More

Transmigration of Souls

I’m curious about the notion of having a past or future life in ‘animal’ form on earth? That’s a phenomenon linked to reincarnation known as the transmigration of souls. That everything that actualizes in any way, from a rock to… Seek More

Use of Past Lives

Why is it so important to know about our past lives as ‘now’ matters? In that you are connected to the world. When you see how connected you are, it opens potentials, and you can relax your attachment to whatever… Seek More

Your Soul Song

The universe we know, life as we know it, has no single source. It has taken a great many lives lived to arrive at the you we are experiencing today, and these lives aren’t even necessarily “yours.” Ever notice as… Seek More

Risk in Focusing on Past Lives

Ever been to a really big concert? Notice how much both the force of the music and the force of peoples familiarity with the song seemed to rule that space? Like the music replaces all the people present? Well, you… Seek More

Sing this Life out into Reality

About future lives… The space all of our songs play out in is not like space as we know it. It’s structured in such a way that the far points all occur in the centre, sort of like a torus of… Seek More

Finding Your Voice

Now what does all this cosmic thinking on past and future lives have to do with life here now? I can ask another question. Have you found your voice yet? It’s something we all have to do if we want… Seek More

Re-Member Your Soul

Ever wonder why your life circumstances respond to your will at all? Why can you affect anything? Change anything? You can only control yourself, and you are present in all your conditions. You can choose cheeseburgers or hot dogs because… Seek More