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So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Use of Past Lives in Past Lives

Past Lives

Why is it so important to know about our past lives as ‘now’ matters? In that you are connected to the world. When you see how connected you are, it opens potentials, and you can relax your attachment to whatever you think you currently are. Become more in the “now.”

But now is the sum of what we have been, so why does past matter so much? It doesn’t, but another thing to consider is that linear time doesn’t exist. Your past lives are actually now, and when you are becoming aware of your past lives you’re really just broadening your sense of your own being. So what you could do then is what you can do now, and your now is another past life.

Do you mean what we might have not finished in the past, we are working on in this life time? Yes, exactly. It’s all happening now. This is why we can seem to perceive the past and future. We’re really not doing any such thing.

Past lives should be just insights to know us better, not a goal? Yes, nor have I said they should be. They are just another tool to use to know ourselves, and become more present like avoiding the telephone effect. There are some people who were genuinely troubled by a past life issue. When we are able to access the past life trauma, they are better able to understand what happened to them and release it.

I became interested in past lives only as a means to access the between lives experience. The between life experience could be argued to be the core self, and all incarnations are ideas in its mind.

It could also be the vibrations that you call to help you solve a present issue? Yes. So it’s not bad or good. It’s a facet of reality, and as they say the truth is freeing. I like plenty of freedom myself.

I guess freedom can be frightening for some people? Oh, yes it can, but that’s not about the circumstance. It is about the persons awareness. The biggest prisoner believes they are totally free. That they are unique and a privileged example of something that no one else shares in. The biggest prison is solipsism. The suspicion or active belief that you are the only real mind anywhere. That everyone and everything is just what you think it is, and honestly, many people are in some degree of solipsism. You are what the world thinks you are, but I’m not talking about the human world. I’m talking about the primal awareness that’s present during the in-between state.

I think these solipsism types will end up in prison anyway? The strongest examples do yes, but the everyday types are just creatures of habit. Because they are convinced that their idea of their life is their life, they don’t actually see their lives. They see what they think their lives are while lots seems to go on outside of their awareness.

A projection? Basically it’s a projection, but it isn’t uniform. Some project less and seem to act strangely in the eyes of those who have a very orthodox projection. We are our own jailers or our own guides. It’s really just a decision we can make, and may make repeatedly throughout our lives.

What is a projection defined? I would use a physical metaphor. What is a projection machine? Exactly what do they do? They take pre arranged content and display them to our senses, no?

When I think projection, I usually think displacement of self onto others, like we do in dreams? Yes, it’s the same process, but we do it a lot. Even while awake you do something you are told is thinking. You think thoughts based on what you are trained to think or based on old experiences. Emphasis on ‘old’, and most of what a person perceives will be seen through that. You might not notice someone’s shirt, because you don’t notice shirts. The world is whole, only we see it in parts, and we see the parts we expect to see.

What is a good step to discover your own past lives? Is it easy to tap into memories of past lives? It varies based on the person, and sort of like the concept of precognitive awareness, the history of your world is around you. You can open your intuition to that even in meditation, and you can feel what you arise from because your current life does have roots. Sometimes you will get a bit of information from a dream or meditation. Just the intention to feel that connection will stir things.

I’ve a theoretical question. What if I met two people that both claimed to have been the same person in history. Is there any way both are honest? Actually, according to Buddhism, yes. Well, according to Christianity also. They say the sins of the fathers are inherited by the sons, and in Buddhism they say elements of your mind are passed down, though not your soul. Whoever this person was, they likely have many descendants by now. So in a spiritual, though maybe not literal sense, you can inherit portions of a karma.

Don’t you think that one soul can split and live at the same time? Yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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