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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Many Lives in a Single Life in Gnani Yoga


Shall I discuss the many lives in a single life?

I do understand that people experience what seems like different selves. From both my experience and my research, I have both learned and witnessed this shift in others, often radical actually, and just as often unnoticed by them. They never lose their core context, but everything else does indeed seem up for even widely ranging interpretation.

I think if you can shift according to circumstances, then you will have greater personal control and power. That could be the reason I lack personal control and power.

It has been my privilege to watch both children and adults go through their day. Many people who medicine would classify as being neurotypical, which doesn’t mean mediocre, perhaps it means something more along the line of “optimal.” But as I see people come into contact with others, I have observed that the aspects of their personality are not lost, but reconfigured. Realigned to match the other person as much as possible, or, they are arranged in a way that reflects a mirror opposite of the individual. I personally haven’t seen enough variability in this pattern of alignment or opposition to deny the predictability of the outcome. There are subtle passive inclusions, but these usually bare little consequences in the outcome.

So as you make contact with different people throughout the day, your distinct personal elements of consciousness align and realign to make you feel comfortable in interacting with those people. Like incarnating anew each time, your compassion comes out for a friend, but perhaps not for the cashier. But it never disappears and it continues to modify any choice you make with or without your deliberate thought. When having an intellectual conversation your empathy can seem to have a different meaning than it does during a shared moment of emotion, and you can have these elements fall into opposition with each other. Both feel sympathy for someone and the urge to do violence.

I have trained myself to go more Bhakti when talking to friends. Do you feel like the same person each time?

Sometimes, it can become a familiar feeling. Like having a collection of hats you rotate through, each being a different identity, living a different life.

And then I try to mix things up so as not to get stale. Yes, you keep the elements moving. Does that help?

It challenges me to branch out and try new things. Stave off boredom? Yes. So does it ever make you feel lost? Have you ever had a “bad trip”?

I suppose everyone has bad experiences. When that happens I tend to analyze the situation and mold my habits to accommodate for it in the future. What if any such experience could instead be modified to better accommodate your personal integrity?

From this myself to each of your selves, I offer my deepest respect and acknowledgement. I value your place in my experience and hope that my actions enrich your experience as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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