Life looks like a path made of doors, until you realize that you don’t even have to enter the prison in the first place.

Life as an Elemental Force in Red Magick

Red Magick

Red magick is life magick. Not life magick in perhaps the more commonly thought of sense, it is life force magick, becoming attuned to life as an elemental force. Life is an energy that doesn’t originate with us as individuals, and continues to behave according to its nature even when it is “in” us.

How would you characterize the behaviour of life energy?



Does it always flow harmoniously?

Not always, it can get clogged. It can get clogged. Waves of life energy can clash up against other such waves. It can even give rise to upwellings or spikes in the entire field, things like algae blooms as well as other simple species fluctuations. This is why in biology they speak of indicator species. Some creatures are sensitive enough that if there is a disturbance in their behaviour, it’s likely a process playing out in the entire eco-system.

I ponder canary in the coal mine. That is another example, yes, and just as I have spoken of other metaphysical forces and how they interact, the same applies to the life force.

What you witness playing out in the life force is also occurring in the other forces as well. Psychic shifts would be one example. Large transpersonal trends might first arise in the psychic field or noosphere, but they would also exert a tidal like influence on life force energy. Unhealthy mind means unhealthy body, and the reverse as well.

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Now the two energies are not necessarily mutually beneficial. Your life force can be on a swell and because it is it can submerge your normal psychic or cognitive function. Anyone ever experience this?

Feeling energetic and not thinking straight? Yes. Every day, actually.

Instead of your normal thinking, you feel a strange sense of your animalistic appetites dominating your mind. You might even find seeking satiation to be boring, even emotionally upsetting, but resisting the urge seems very hard to do.

For some people, the life force remains abnormally high. It plagues the individual and decreases their quality of life. Compulsive eating would be one example. You can feel the stress on the body if you resist the function of the life force. This can be very uncomfortable, and yet its action impairs the health and wellbeing of the person.

I have been experiencing something like that myself today. Much to my personal anguish, my own life force tends to withdraw or leak away from my system making much of what people experience as positive activity take on an entirely different sensory quality. I have even experienced what could be called an “allergy” to life force. As the energy swells in people and things around me, my own system tries to reject it even further. It usually passes if I can re-establish my psychic composure.

A survival mechanism? Ah, that is possible.

How do you re-establish psychic composure? Each mind is a node in a broad field of psychic energy, a channel or signal in what could be described metaphorically as something like the “air waves” of radio. Each individual mind continues to broadcast indefinitely, but there can be fluctuations or interference patterns crop up.

And to receive broadcasts, as well? Indeed, each node on the psychic field receives as well. The information in this field is what gives rise to subjective experience. People see what they expect to see because they perceive expectation as well as other psychic processes. The information from the eyes and ears is never processed directly, or almost never.

As for regaining psychic composure, you can increase your personal signal gain. By inverting your awareness, you amplify the pattern that your mind is based on in the first place. This re-establishes equilibrium around the individual even though it may not remove large spectrum imprints.

So by being more introverted, you strengthen your own signal? Yes, and introverted personalities do have stronger personal signals, but conversely they do tend to narrow their scanning range.

Are introverts also typically lower in life energy? Yes, in a sense. Think of life energy as something akin to water, though that water would be sea water, and the fluid most directly linked to red magick is blood. The life energy follows tidal cycles as it has since the beginning of life on earth. And actually, since matter began to congeal in our region of space, our local black hole exerts measurable influences on matter and energy here.

And the moon phases? Yes, lunar and solar phases as well, gravity fluctuations corresponding to sunspot activity, things like that.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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