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Life is first the step you take, and then the ground you tread upon.

Magickal Alignment in Red Magick

Red Magick

Yellow magick is like a web search. Red magick is like a hunt. Purple magick is like an ad campaign. Each facet of magick is potentially its own life style and could be an entire life path. People tend to pursue one, and very often at the expense of any other. Most people these days pursue green magick. The magick of growth and progress, expansion, and its working tends to remain a mystery to them regardless of how avidly they pursue it. The red magick student tends to cleanse things, eliminate things, based on a sense of what preserves life force integrity.

You can often tell someone’s magickal alignment based on their physical condition. Those energies can’t help but have a physical impact on the body. Those practicing red magick consciously or unconsciously tend to have pronounced carotid arteries.

Does aging figure in this? The pattern evolves with age as well, pronounces carotid arteries, swarthy complexion, bulkier muscle tone.

Can you give examples for each? Of those we have covered so far, yes.

Those who are practicing purple magick tend to appear older than they should, sort of starved, having abnormally intense physical habits, body language and such. How many “fleshy” looking middle managers do you ever see? You may have seen one. Did they keep their job for very long?

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More first line managers are, I think. Ah, first line managers, the fat cats, are practicing green magick. Their profit margins grow, so do their guts.

Yellow magick practitioners tend to have overstated observational habits, often develop sensory difficulties, visual impairment of hearing, or hearing aids.

Spectacles? Yes. They tend to be of modest build. Even when they gain weight it still follows a “reasonable” pattern, and they are often pale even though they are very active people. They generally want to keep up on investigating any new thing in their community or environment, but their bodily resources are taken up more by their perceptual and cognitive processes than any more embodied form of cognition. Sound farfetched or does it correspond with your experience?

I wonder if yellow magic + red magic = orange magic? You are correct. Orange magick is ego magick, self-mastery, working with the self as you might a bonsai tree.

More embodied forms of cognition? Everything can think, I mean everything, and everything does. How that thinking is expressed, what patterns it follows, what forms it takes, that varies widely. At the human level, you have the range of cognition that we might call embodied. It takes on qualities we might consider instinctive. It’s also readily adaptive, intuitive and doesn’t seem to rely heavily on deliberate selection. Like Popeye’s motto, I am what I am and that’s all that I am. The range of embodied awareness is just as great as the awareness that doesn’t seem to show these traits.

So “disembodied” cognition… There is a part of our awareness that models things in a way that is true, but not instinctual. It tends to compromise empathy if taken to extremes. It’s a field of “imaginary” consciousness, of intellectual consciousness. Embodied cognition tends to resist conforming to imaginary models which is both a strength and a limitation to it. This doesn’t mean someone immersed in red magick lacks imagination, but they do tend to prefer their imagination to remain in the neighborhood of embodied cognition.

Einstein was pursuing yellow magick, thought experiments, and his bodily awareness was notoriously quirky. Whereas another famous figure, Hemingway, was very creative. In his own way, very imaginative, and very much immersed in red magick.

He drank a lot didn’t he? Perhaps that’s a common problem in red magick? Poor impulse control, and red magick can be hard to tolerate. Like fire juggling, it can burn out if you play to fast and loose with it.

Would Schwarzenegger be a purveyor of red magic? He would, yes, and has created more disruption in government than innovating at all, not to say that is a bad thing. I can think of plenty of government nonsense that would better serve by being cleared away.

Parting note… Paths of magick have a complimentary resonance following a sort of order. So you can feel an attraction to a style of magick you don’t naturally align with because your natural path and the other are complimentary to each other, amplify and clarify each other, but just as easily can be the source of complication as well.

I think all of them are useful to a degree. They are all useful, but not all equally useful to all people. A stethoscope is potentially useful to anyone, but more so to a doctor than anyone else, the same with a dental mirror, or drafting tools. You might even be wise to try and use tools you don’t feel confident with sometimes, simply because the situation seems to require it, but still it is good to know your primary skill set, no?

I ponder Buddhism as a collection of “tools.” Buddhists would agree with that notion.

Till next time friends. Be well, seek well, live well. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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