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Embodiments of Pure Emotion in Asteroth


We are talking about Asteroth. Asteroth is a demon. Is this safe territory to go into? What would you, my friends, say that “gods” are? Any answer is a legitimate answer.

Beings more powerful than humans who wish to be worshipped?

Benevolent comes to mind but the Old Testament counters that.

Omni-powerful? Beings outside our reality.

Many gods seem petulant and petty, especially Greek and Norse.

Gods are any being or icon that draws people to act on its behalf.

I heard a good quote recently “Multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent” was an angel in Supernatural. That is an excellent definition. It applies to demons also actually, except maybe the celestial part. Shall I offer my own view?

In the beginning, when matter and energy had not yet differentiated, in fact before time and space in our sector even emerged in the form we know them now, there was only a raw motive energy, pure consciousness, pure potential. In the beginning, you had only pure motive energy, a state more primal than any potential energy we know in our universe, and this energy is primarily reactive. (You can’t have proactivity or conscious activity without an object.) The first reactions ever are what echo all throughout our reality now. Reaction could only occur in regard to “itself”, but no self actually existed. There was no individual being.

Universal background radiation? Basically, yes. This reactivity could be called emotion. What are our emotions other than reactions to our own state of being and any change in that we may experience?

So the first individuals in reality were embodiments of pure emotion. Each reacting to the others in a way that created greater definition of each other and would in time give rise to the observable universe we experience as human beings.

Sounds like teenagers. In a sense, they would be much like teenagers. The cosmic is echoed on the microscopic level all the time. To these beings, humans are indeed microscopic.

So that would make our ‘object’ form, the evolved form? Most think of it the other way around. Indeed.

At first, each individual existed in a sort of dynamic tension with all the others. A balanced pattern of exchanged reactions, none taking up any more resources than any of the others, but as is necessary for creative evolution, entropy kicked in. Some of the individuals began absorbing more energy than they put out, even creating new tensions as to provoke the non-entropic individuals into producing even more energy, provoking higher and stronger vibrations of energy, stronger emotions, the “passions.” So see the two different domains of interaction here?

Creation and parasitism? Creation and consumption. It is just as often symbiosis and parasitism, but we take much less notice of the symbiotes. Those are the elementals rather than demons. Demons provoke passions in gods. The eldest demons being the titans.

Does that make demons stronger? No, more intense, louder, but they don’t possess any more energy than the others.

Demons are subject to entropy, but gods aren’t? Demons are entropy, Gods are not.

Bear in mind that in their plane of reality there is no such thing as time. Time doesn’t occur until you reach the fringes of the energetic ocean, the event horizon of cosmic consciousness. So the process going on between the cosmic beings echoes on a daily basis throughout our world just as it did in our “beginning of time”, and event here reflects the process of individuation experienced by the gods and demons.

Does time happen only when there is movement to measure? No. On their level there is no movement, only reaction. You don’t see the body of god because you are the body of god, as is everyone and everything else.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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