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From the stillness all things arise in their perfected forms. What causes things to degrade is an accumulated static. Noise kills.

Secret Cicero in Asteroth


Now what could we know of the gods directly? How could we understand a being of pure, absolute love?

We need contrast?

If we are part of god, then it’s just self-love. Ah, self-love sounds a bit demonic doesn’t it? What happens when entropy gets a hold of energy?

Dissipates it? Actually, just slows it down, converts it. There is no void for it to be lost in, but it can lose its original form. So Astarte has another name to the Greeks and retained her conflict oriented disposition as well. The name even sort of sounds like Astarte. Can you guess?

Aphrodite. Romantic love. Can anyone really express pure romantic love?

So the demons became gods? They mirror gods so in that sense are one with them, yes. If you could express pure romantic love, could anyone really tolerate it?

Let’s bring in Asteroth now. Remember what he does?

Logic? Craft, domestic art. So, men all throughout history have been inspired to great creative efforts by romantic feelings for a woman.

The non-romantic parts of a relationship like doing the laundry? Indeed, and considerate speech, seeing multiple points of view, diplomacy.

Asteroth is the secret Cicero behind human genius, whispering ideas that really the human in question has no idea where they came from, and when they are said, they immerse that person and the person hearing them in one of life’s most dramatic dramas leaving all sorts of room for the passions to emerge.

Like the muses. Indeed. There are female examples of Asteroths influence. Queen Elizabeth would be one.

Is he related to Hephaestus? Actually, no. He is adverse to Vulcans pursuits. This is one of the reasons they saw Asteroth as corrupting. He distracts from industrious activity all the while at the same time inspiring creativity. Vulcan = Hephaestus.

So non-productive creativity? Non-persistent creativity, spur of the moment activity.

Like ice sculptures, sand castles? Well, like the work of Tesla as well, passionate concept, no grindstone.

Not necessarily useful, but intriguing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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