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The great prophets were described as madmen.

Not Useful but Valuable in Asteroth


So would Asteroth as a patron suit everyone? Anyone? None of the demons are useful, not a one, but they are all valuable. This is why they are typically associated with the riches of the earth. Would you say having an adversary is necessarily a negative relationship?

It can spur you on. As much as we hate to admit it, good results come from those conflicts. It can be a friendly rivalry, yes? Demons don’t respond well to devotion. They don’t care for it as they are not creatures of order, don’t like fixed roles, and have no interest in supporting your stability.

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I could see them as being contemptuous of anyone who is kind to them as some people are. Actually, they like kindness, affinity, but not obsequiousness. If you like them, that’s good. They can come to like you also, but they are “loners”, rolling stones in a sense.

They got the moves like Jagger. They do indeed. They are movers and shakers, power brokers, who will disavow any responsibility for what you do with that power. They can offer knowledge, but never wisdom.

Like weapons dealers. Yes, but you can get wisdom from them anyway. If you were to choose Asteroth as a patron, you would be mindful of your tendency to outwit yourself, because that is him whispering to you while you are ignoring him. When you pay attention to him he is compelled to respond more honestly, and as you grow more familiar with how he influences you, you can see how he influences other people around you as well. He is a little “king maker.” Everyone’s a king or queen in their own mind, so understand the king and you will understand the kingdom. Understand everything that person is trying to do, everything they feel they want from life, as well as why when they get it they may regret it, and then you can “converse” with Asteroth to either arrive at a way to support that persons offer positively, like the wise advisor to the king, or manipulate that king to your own advantage. Be a Brutus to their Caesar.

Does Asteroth care about fame and credit? Ah, no, not at all. Naberius is into that. Naberius is the “barker.” If you want a patron to make you a good PR person that would be the way to go. Or are you asking what does Asteroth want when he helps you? He wants the emotion that will occur from you “getting into trouble.” He doesn’t really care about the outcome. Winning the lottery is, in a sense, getting into trouble. Just as much as sticking your foot in your mouth is or regretting your wishes from lack of foresight, it’s all the same to him.

Demons are trolls. Yes, they are.

Don’t feed the trolls. I would say selectively feed the trolls, bait them, lead them around by the nose. They don’t really defy the cosmic order, can’t, so their behaviour is predictable as well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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