'Asteroth' Chapter


Asteroth is a male demon, and generally one of the less passionate demons. More cerebral in his overall temperament, his presence and influence are never the less typically seen as threatening and toxic, and his advice as corrupting. Care to guess what he advises people to do? What he teaches?

Sex? Lie? No. Crafts and the humanities, invention. It’s thought that if one is inspired by Asteroth, they will not place adequate faith in divine authority.

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Embodiments of Pure Emotion

We are talking about Asteroth. Asteroth is a demon. Is this safe territory to go into? What would you, my friends, say that “gods” are? Any answer is a legitimate answer. Beings more powerful than humans who wish to be worshipped?… Seek More

Asteroth Corruption

In human conscious- ness there has been some serious ambiguity. Humanity has been maturing very slowly as seen from a human point of view. One of the inner conflicts is the issue of who is actually the bearer of the… Seek More

Source in Astarte

Asteroth has his source in Astarte. Astarte was Asheras more aggressive twin, a goddess of fertility and war. Female? Yes. Astarte was seen as the protective sister of the earth mother as well as a mother figure herself to a… Seek More

Secret Cicero

Now what could we know of the gods directly? How could we understand a being of pure, absolute love? We need contrast? If we are part of god, then it’s just self-love. Ah, self-love sounds a bit demonic doesn’t it?… Seek More

Not Useful but Valuable

So would Asteroth as a patron suit everyone? Anyone? None of the demons are useful, not a one, but they are all valuable. This is why they are typically associated with the riches of the earth. Would you say having… Seek More

Using Asteroth as Patron

Any questions about using Asteroth as a patron in theurgy? Ah yes, did you get to that? I did, but only in part. I described the connection, but this is how you use it. You know your inner dialogue? You… Seek More